Prayer for a new house or a rented house

by Nancy (Goa)

Lord Jesus, We need either a New House or a Rented House, so that we can get up from the place where we are presently staying. We are staying in my mother’s house and it is a nightmare for me, my son & Daughter. We want to stay in peace and away from hatred. Also my children are studying and they want to study with peace. My mother is always saying bad words to us. We are named with bad words by her and her son who is not staying in this house, but comes home and abuse us and trouble us. Please God listen to our prayer and help us to get a house as we have suffered a lot and also we are staying in a small room, where there is no place to move. Lord Jesus have mercy on us and help us. We love you God. We trust in you.

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  1. Prayer for new peaceful place

    I would like to pray for you in regards to the situation you are living in. I am truly sorry to hear that you have to go through that living with your mother. I would also like to pray for your mother and your brother who has been giving you and your children a hard time. Lord, please keep them safe and please help them find peace and a safe place to stay. Remember that you are not alone. God is with you and believe in him. Pray for those who are around you. In Jesus name-amen.

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