Prayer for a baby

by Christine (Goshen, Ny)

Dear Almighty God, You know my sister’s deepest wish to have a child of her own. A baby to love, nurture, and care for. See that she will be granted with a happy and healthy pregnancy. In the fall, a baby will be born to her, and through love and devotion that child will grow up in our family and know love, honor and worship. Heavenly Father, grant her this wish.

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  1. Please pray for us

    My husband and I have been married for 14 years. We began trying to conceive a year ago. We got pregnant on our own in September with a miscarriage at 6 weeks. We then made an appointment with a specialist. We got pregnant again in March using IUI and another miscarriage at 9 weeks. I just went last week for blood tests to see if I have a blood disorder. We are going tomorrow for another IUI insemination. We desire to have a healthy child. Everyone please pray for both of us that we can get pregnant again tomorrow with the insemination and with the blood work results- the specialist can also help us stay pregnant. Please also pray for our specialist that with his skill he can help us through the process. We both have prayed together for the last year but are now reaching out to others, friends, family, and total strangers to please pray……Let’s hope the power of prayer will help us. Thank you !

  2. Strenght

    I understand her pain, I’m in the same situation. I wold be grateful for a prayer as well. God is love, i have faith. Its been 13 years and I have yet to conceive. Thanks.

  3. I understand.

    The love of a sister is strong. My sister is also trying to get pregnant, but to no avail. All of us siblings have children, except Megan. It breaks my heart to see her struggle. I am sure you feel the same way about your sister. I will continue to pray for her and others in the same situation, including your beloved sister.

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