Prayer against witchcraft

by John (India)

Please pray for my elder brother who is victim of witchcraft.

His superiors are unable to understand his plight and are resorting to harsh penalties and his doctors are also facing the same problem are not allowing him sick leave.

Even at his work place he is made to work at odd shifts without rest and and is not allowed to take leave that expires this year.

Please pray for him to escape from the clutches of witchcraft and also for his superiors to be compassionate toward him.

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  1. Toni Dongrati says:
    Help is on the way from heaven

    My name is Toni,
    I am a pastor at the NEW LIGHT NEW HOPE Church in DC. We are an off shoot of the Baptist church and have a lot in common with Methodist and Moutain of Fire.
    I deal with members of congregation who are from west and northern Africa. There is a lot of witchcraft there. I’ve seen it, its real.
    When you pray for him, say “I cover him with the blood of Christ!”
    Say it at the beginning and end of every prayer. When you enter his house, also say it. Say, also, that you are a servant of God and you claim your brother in the almighty’s name.
    If you enter the house and feel a demonic presence or the presence of the power of witchcraft, say the peace of Christ be in this house. You may feel a nervous energy building around you. This is normal. Then say, I rebuke this witchcraft in the mighty name of jesus.

  2. Betty says:
    Lord forgive me for all my sins

    Please pray for me I can’t have a relationship every one just want to have sex with me my ex husband, and his mother and my oldest son father And his mother did this to me. I can not keep friends I am all along even my children just want to use me. I know it is that stuff. Lord I need your help .

  3. marilyn lee says:

    go to and read the prayers they are for severe victims of witchcraft. i will pray for you. i am going through the same thing, it is really ugly. sincerely a victim of witchcraft

    p.s. lets pray together

  4. carla snow says:
    shake the devil off

    go to the and get you brother the uncrossing kit and get the strongest you can and tell him to follow direction and his life will change

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