Prayer Against Marijuana – False Religions & Government Persecution against Christians

by Curtis ()

My name is Curtis. I’m asking the Father Yahweh thru His Son Yahshua to forgive me for any statements or representations I have made this year where I have attached His Holy name to any false beliefs, false doctrines, including having him advocate people use Marijuana. I was deceived by an individual I trusted named G. Albright who I believed was teaching the inspired Word – this has been proven to not be the case. He is a false teacher – a false prophet to the inspired Word of Yahweh. I should have never spoken or prayed publicly where I inferred that I was hearing from the Father Creator when I was under the influence of Marijuana. If I could take it back I would. For the past few weeks – I was under the belief that the Father Creator was advocating various spiritual practices and beliefs connected to other faiths that aren’t necessarily aligned with Christianity.

I should have been more careful with the words I spoke into existence – not only in my prayer life but in public where anyone these days is being observed by the Big Brother cameras that record anything we speak with our lips. I don’t advocate the any spiritual practices that are contrary to the Torah or Gospels. My eyesight was tainted by pride and not remaining sober to see the deceptions in doctrines some of these other faiths are putting forth. I don’t want any of my actions, comments, or research into these other faiths to influence anyone.

I really want everyone to come to the Father Yahweh thru His Son and have the entire world repent of their sins so they will be admitted into heaven. I’m hopeful that King Solomon, Samson and other patriarchs in the Bible who made mistakes are admitted into heaven for the mistakes they made. I would never want to blaspheme the Holy Spirit. I love Yahshua Messiah and want to be exactly like Him by following HIs pattern. I hope the remaining days of my life would be an acceptable repentance for any damage I may have caused. I would never want to cause any error in the lives of anybody around the world truly seeking admittance into the kingdom.

I’m asking the Father for His mercy and that all the statements or representations I have ever made that has attached His holy name to any type of evil will be forgiven.

Thank you for your prayer group. Your prayer requests will be in my heart as I pray to Yahweh in the coming days. I am praying against any spirit of error that has attached itself to any false doctrines or false religions and practices that are against the Torah and Gospels.

Yahweh bless

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