Prayer against DUI conviction

by Karen ()

I am facing a DUI conviction and need help. I am a hood person who gives help to my fellow human beings when I can. I raised two children working three jobs. I made a mistake. A bug one and need forgiveness and absolution.

I need it to go away. I can not face this. I weathered many situations in my life and remain up beat and a good person. But this has me contemplating suicide. I won’t get through it. I need help. I need it to go away.

Please make it go away. I will never be in this situation again. Please help me. Thank you.

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  1. Conviction of DUI

    I am faced with the same problem! I have been a good person all my life and avoided the legal system.All it took was one moment and I lost and they are charging me.I also contemplated suicide as I felt there was no way out I can’t lose my license! I pray God will touch this situation and bring me favor to where I don’t lose.I admit I was wrong,but I have learned my lesson! I just want God to step in for me and help me because I am scared of what will happen next.

  2. God is willing to forgive not man

    Pray and ask GOD to forgive you and give favor with man Then read PSALMS 35 three times a day and believe what you read Do this every day until the LORD JESUS set you free and all ways THANK HIM for BLESSING YOU I will be praying with you guys and do not drive and drink in JESUS NAME AMEN. PS you will get something you can live with just believe and do not doubt.

  3. I'm in the same situation

    I made the mistake of driving home one night. It had been hours since I had an alcohol beverage. I was initially pulled over for speeding but the officer asked if I had been drinking and I said “yes a couple of hours ago”. I got arrested and charged and my license was suspended for 3 months and my car was impounded.

    My case is coming up on Monday – I am asking for your prayers for a lesser charge and not suspension. Believe me as there is Christ oh Mighty above. I learned my lesson. I have no intentions of ever putting someone else’s life on the line or mine.

    I ask that you pray for me. I prayer for everyone that has submitted a request on this that The Lord will help you; guide you and teach you. Most importantly that you have learned your lesson and that you will not face such a harsh consequence. I pray that you will never put yourself in this situation ever again and that moving forward if you want to indulge in beverages that you be wise and take a cab.

    I pray for you all that there is a positive outcome; that you will receive a miracle and I ask that you pray for me to receive a miracle as well. In Jesus name – Amen

    God Bless you all.

  4. DUI

    I am primary caregiver of my 83-year-old parents who live with me. My dad has spent over 22 weeks in the hospital in the past two years, after I moved my parents 500 miles away, to my new home after I divorced. My mother has late stage Alzheimer’s & my dad and I put her in a nursing home this past April! I flew or drove to my childhood home once a month for four years prior to moving them in with me, to cook food, as my mother forgot how to cook.

    I found myself drinking more and more to calm my nerves and am on Xanax. I had to take my mother to the hospital yesterday to get lab work done. It was a very frustrating and stressful time for both of us. My dad was in his 5-hour dialysis.

    After I returned my mom to the nursing home, a friend texted me to meet him for a drink. I did and over drank. I rear ended a mother with 2 kids in the back of her car, about 7 & 9 years old. They were crying & scared. We prayed the Hail Mary & Our Father together & I hugged them and told them I’m sorry and I apologized profusely! I don’t think they were seriously hurt but I guess I won’t know until I get sued!

    I was arrested for dui. I feel so humiliated, so embarrassed, so scared. I gave my two handguns to a relative, as I’m feeling very vulnerable and unable to forgive myself!

    Please help me & pray for me & my huge mistake!

  5. DUI

    I am in the same boat, I cannot do this alone. I’m scared that asking people to pray will jeopardize me. I have dreams of medical school and this will wreck my life completely. I am not sure if I can handle a conviction, I am still trying to graduate college. I am completely turning a new leaf though, I refuse to take another drink. Please pray, and I will remember you all in prayer too!

    God Bless

  6. Please pray for my son too

    Please pray for my son too , he is facing jail time for 3 rd dui , he have shutdown on everyone . He is a god kid but need lots of prayers please pray for him . I know he is afraid of jail , I am afraid for him too .

  7. Have Faith

    I am facing this as well. My life was back on track, I was starting to see light again. I really messed up. I am so scared. My anxiety has gotten the best of me. I can’t do this alone, please, prayer warriors, let us all pray for each other and keep the faith. God has helped me so many times that I’m afraid he may not this time. I just have to keep believing. I am sickened and frightened. Help me and my fellow human beings who have fallen, Lord. Please, let us stand tall again and follow your word.

  8. Prayers needed for a hard time

    I just turned 21 in November and I’ve been getting my life together the last two years . I met the godly girl of my dreams, dropped old habits, and have bettered my life. My grades have gone from C’ to A’s. I just interviewed for a student internship and ive just been incredibly blessed. God has definitely been working in my life and i see it all the time. Last night I got drunk, was incredibly ugly to my gf, and decided to get behind the wheel of my car to drive home. I was pulled over and booked on a dui charge. I’ve never felt so low in my life as that’s not the person I am anymore. I’m done with drinking as Ive learned my lesson. I just pray that God will allow these charges to go away as I continue to grow. I pray that all of you get your charges dismissed and may you all have a blessed day.

  9. God Bless

    I’m in the same situation, right when life was starting to get better, when I saw a possible beginning to actual freedom & deliverance from evil I slipped up on Friday the 13th no less & now I am filled with Worry though I have seen God helping me…, I try to do what good I can…, I can’t handle this alone…, I need this to go away, driving to get a late night sub sandwich has never been so destructive…, I haven’t harmed anyone…, I just went 3 months without a single drink, my tolerance went way down…, God has had my back so many times, I know Gods will is just but I pray to God that he doesn’t allow them to prosecute me…, I’ve been doing so good, better then I ever had in my entire life, God saved me, but now I find myself back approaching some other period of hellishness , just when I have begun to get my life together they seek to stomp me into the mud , I Pray you are delivered from your peril all of you that are persecuted…,

  10. prayer for help in a dui

    I face a dui case im pretty stressed out I need a prayer to help in court im a god loving person I just made a mistake thank you for a prayer

  11. Prayer against DUI DWI conviction

    My son is going through the same pain. I will pray for you and my son that st Jude intercedes in your behalf to put this behind in order to begin living life as God planned.

  12. i face the same problem

    i am going through the same thing. i understand what youre going through. i pray that you get strength and that you come out of this a better person. i also ask that you pray for me and the the charges that i face along with my dwi. my name is ryan. god bless you karen!! youll be fine!! we will be fine, in jesus’ name,

  13. Prayer

    Father I have sinned. I am facing legal charges because of my choice to sin. I pray that as my case is handled you give me favor amping men and allow me to live a free life with no hinderence to serve you. I can only thank you for life regardless of the outcome.

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