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Im going to cut a long story short. Im married for the second time. The first man I was married to had more than 50 affairs. I would drive him to the airport to visit his mistress. I dealt with a chronically ill child8111 alone, balancing multiple hospitalization, a second toddler, and work on my own. I stayed because I didnt want my kids to grow up in a broken home. He ended up divorcing me when his business started to take off. I decided to never remarry, but my second husband came in and swept me off my feet. he was everything I could’ve hoped for, and wanted to be married right away. Months after we married he began sleeping in another room. We were not intimate for years. I can count the times we have been intimate on my hands and two of those times produced children. I now have a strong suspicion he is a pedophile. I highjacked his phone and I have firm proof he is addicted to pornography. I have been alone for years. I am left with no faith in God, but simultaneously a burning anger that everything in my life has been a lie, including my faith. If not for my children, I would just end it all. Dont know how you can pray for me. I am just asking that you do.

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