Pray God forgives me


I’m not sure where to start. I have not been a good Christian all my life as I did have a time I went through where I was not doing right and I was married and had children with an athiest. I raised my kids in the church regardless of his beliefs. Now my children are grown according to the law and they have chosen to move in with him and disown me. He always said no man would want me because I became overweight and now I see he is right. I am having health trouble and will be losing my job because of my disablity and that will cause me to lose my home I bought after my divorce.
I guess my prayer is for God to forgive me for the horrible things I have done in my life to deserve to be lonley and alone. I just need God to still love me and forgive me for not being able to hold my marrige together and not being a good mom to the children he trusted me with. I know that is the reason I can’t find love or keep a job is because I was not able to keep the treasures he gave me together.

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