Pray for Healing

Abba Father,

I come before you, Father. Father, I surrender all my situations to you as I trust that Father, you will be there to hold us strong as you are God that above all.

Father, I also come before you with a solemn and sincere heart. Father, I know that I have sinned greatly and with all of my heart, Father, I beg for your forgiveness. I am sorry, Father.

With all of my heart, Father, I pray for intercession for my mother. I lift my mother to your hand, Father. I pray that for all her procedures and tests she going through, Father your hand over all of their care and that you will be with the doctors and health professionals whom are assisting my mother.

Father, I pray that in your Name, my mother is healed from all the cancerous cells. Father, I pray with all of my heart. Father, I believe in your capacity for miracles. Father, I pray and ask for a miracle to happen on my mother.

I know and I understand we will become closer to the day Father you will accept us back into your Kingdom. I ask and beg that Father you would delay the holy union of my mother if it be your will.

In your Name, Father. Amen.

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