Pray for africa

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Africa is a continent of archetypes where showmanship is apparent.
Real skill and power, the kind that make Fiji and Tonga successful in rugby is not evident in Africa. The black man is simply basically good in everything but nothing in particular.
Ancient Egypt had a strong but basic economy.
The program of defeating state capture must be systematic.
The manufacture of gas cylinders in Kenya belies the rise of the consumer industry.
The inability of modern youth to detect ventilation problems has its origins in the failure of engineering principles of the post independence era.
This failure in turn has its origins in the over-emphasis on consumerism that undermined the Kenyan economy.
Dr owuor calls himself the mightiest prophets.
Raila the same.
Nimrod the same
Sons of ham are proud.
Abel in babel.
The giants are cainite abelite.

Therefore we need to know what God will do to destroy the plans of Satan?
Babel was a place where the sons of men( composites of ham and Shem) or the nephilim fought to dominate the nations of God.
These are composite Hamites.
How do we know this .
Cain was a murderer. Lamech was an adulterer and murderer. Not to mention a boaster.
His son bears the same characteristic. Iron and brass connotes sexual immorality like nimrod. The economy if the Hamites is strong and basic.

Abraham took these curses with him. Judah and his septre/rod joined with Naamah from Moab or lot to return us to lamech.
Thus David was both an adulterer and murderer.
But what is this association with the number 4?
From the curse of Cain to Canaan to Judah and also tubal Cain. There is an emphasis of fourth born or fourth born tribes.
Military men are archetypes of these men.
The fourth born is associated with drink and food to a lesser extent. The winebibbers.
Nimrod the hunter is mostly food and not necessarily drink.
Cush-food and normal drink.
(Collapsible physique)
Sakaja must bust the slums on Nairobi.
Cush misri complex is for normal food and drink. Hunters.
But this is too hard to produce.
Phut Canaan is for alcohol and strong drink.
They are known for their string intellect.
Joseph nkaissery.
Tall, physical and athletic.
The sons of phut have a behavioral phenotype that approximates Canaan. The converse is also true.

Dear lord Jesus, mercy birthday is on 11 may 1988. Africa must abolish the international criminal court by then.
What about that toothache. She must be eating too much chapati by the look of things.
But the collapsible physique on her is mild at best.
Adam is a type of Cain.
This is why he lived to be 930 years.
1949 is associated with 43. That’s ishamel or dumah, edom.
Teman, timnah.
Mightiest prophet of the lord.
Nimrod is an expedient verson of tubal Cain. He has multiple sexual partners and is a leader nestled between Shem and ham.
A hunter indeed , he is a murderer? who is strong and firm.
His diet is oriented towards meat. As oppesed to drink.
Tubal Cain on the other hand is an instructor of every artificer in brass and iron.
This is an intellectual, an engineer in basic form.
Because of this strong intellect and physique, he becomes an alcoholic controlling women and the nations from behind the scene.
We have two individuals whose method of Craftiness looks different but the destination is the same.
Only God can judge why they are scattering and not gathering.
An archetype usually comes along once or twice to highlight certain qualities in summary form.
But the elusive nature of being am archetype is that there is a spiritual struggle to determine who is the captain and not the governor.
If tubal Cain does his work well he becomes the military officer. If he does not then someone else like nimrod or his sister Naamah will play that role well.
Leaders are transitory. They lose or gain advantage depending on the available Lacunaes in leadership.
The nation is constantly squeezing different persons to fill this role.
If it’s not a metal process engineer then it will be someone else who has an engineering degree but heighted qualities that the first tubal Cain did not have. Nevertheless God always finds a man to fill that role.
Whoever is the archetype will depend on the ability to solve the puzzle at any given time. This is why Samson succeded for a while.
However corruption and sin al aye erodes this capability.
Anything that exalts itself above the knowledge of God always ends in ruin.
Africa is a continent of archetypes as opposed to real craftsmanship that underpins East Asian technology.
There is too much politics and fiat money.

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