Praise report

by Wayne ()

Hi this is Wayne I told you to pray I had a problem with masturbation letting you know it looks like your prayers are being answered for the last two or more weeks I haven’t had no desire for it which is good I’m just taking one day at a time looks like God is helping me thank God keep trusting have good news for music I told you I had a band we have a band my friend Tom and me it’s not the Irish Gypsy group we changed the name it’s called The Martin ramquist connection we now have our own independent record company that we own nobody can cheat US we have complete control over our music we can bypass the big boys we are going to go on radio stations we submitted train of pain a gospel song the online stores all of them took our song within 5 minutes they were so impressed we are now working on a second song I got to take about a month or less to complete release date for train of pain two to three weeks and things are working out pretty good with Kayla my wife to be and it’s great I’m getting strength concerning the masturbation looks like God’s answering your prayer right before I’m about to be married and I will be having sex with my wife all the time so I don’t need masturbation thanks for your prayers keep trusting yeah I’m blessed with Kayla she is a very nice Christian and she’s a very attractive beautiful looking woman God has blessed me with a woman that is very beautiful outside and inside that’s awesome

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