Please pray for me and my husband

by Sheital (Edmonton Alberta)

Please pray for me and my husband we have been trying to sell our home since August and have not been able to do so. I am 9 months pregnant due anytime now…it’s very hard to figure out if baby wants to be born in this house or if we need to move. We have put our stuff in storage and have been living a very compromised life.

We were not able to make our baby room the way we wanted and have not been able to have have access to half our things. Finally we decided to get our storage stuff out as we were paying for it but are unable to decide whether or not to unpack in case we sell, we may have To pack up again…it’s very difficult and frustrating and hope The Lord has a good start in mind for us….we just want to start living our lives as a family in a new home that’s more suitable for us. Thank u!

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