Please pray for breakthrough + peace ☮️ in all my relationships

by Anh Anne ()

1/ Pls pray that my husband Robert ‘ll remember all the promises he gave me asap as far as financial support for our family is concerned bc he keeps on buying stuff ( clothing + shoes to send to his Mom + Sisters +brothers ) and told me that he ‘ll go back to work PT @ WholeFoods Market since 2022 but it never happens !
He only works 2 days out of the month for an interior designer + make about $350 / month but his rent to help us was $600 / month so he has been using all his post Covid savings + freak out on me + our daughter Megan ! Robert needs to give me $600 / month by every 1st day so we will not need to pay extra $$$ penalty for rent !
I chip in $800 month for rent + our daughter Megan chip in $1000 + my husband only need to come up with $600 / month but he always complains about the small space we have bc he is 6ft 3 and I’m 5 ft + our daughter is 5 ft 3 I’m so my husband give the least $$$
+ stay up all night to watch his European Bit chute Chanel forecasting about Armageddon “ world ending !!! Refusing to go to work bc it’s will be end of the world soon ! but we still need to pay rent !!! And if we remind him to chip in $$ my husband threatens us that he’ll go homeless to save $$$ or go back to Manila to live w/ his Mom for free !
Pls pray that God ‘ll stop Robert from saying hurtful thing to us ! We have been married for 15 years ( and we live w/ my daughter from past marriage) … Sony daughter call him uncle + pays the most rent but Robert still not satisfied bc he wants to stop helping me + get a divorce to go back to live in Manila + have his Mom taking care of him
instead !
I think his problems are not getting enough sleep 💤 + watch so much negative news on TV
( from 2 am -8 am daily / 7 days per week … that is 42 hours per week watching fake news 😂)
Pls pray that GOD ‘ll help Robert to hate watching too
Much fake news but GOD ‘ll help him apply + get hired by WholeFoods Market by Sept 18 ( 2 days after my BD ) so he will act nicer to us + get insurance to fix his front 4 teeth by October 2023 in Hawaii !
Pls pray that he will develop a passion to work at WholeFoods + to be able to make more $$$ to pay his bills !
🙏🏼 Thank you 🙏🏼

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