Please!! Heal my wife and my marriage PLEASE

by Matthew ()

Please pray for my wife! I was lost two months ago began drinking heavily and being depressed she prayed for God to heal me then one night I said to her the most hurtful thing I could’ve done when I was extremely drunk and told her she is jealous of my daughters mother cause she could have my child and my wife couldn’t! I didn’t even know I said it when she told me what I said the next day I broke down in tears amd asked Jesus into my heart cause I knew that this was only something God could heal and restore! We have had complications for over a year and a half I’m having a child and was just about to go to the fertility clinic and this happened! Now I’ve been forced to sign papers and she has divorced me and hasn’t forgave me Idk what to do! It’s been two months now and God keeps laying on my heart to not give up on her to honor my marriage Covenant! He knew i was stubborn and took her away for me to draw closer to him and save me cause he knew the love I have for her he showed me forgiveness where I went wrong what I needed to do to fix myself and how to show her love where she could actually see it! Now she says I had years to be this man and it’s to late and she doesn’t see that God answered her prayers she gave up to soon before she could see her prayer answered! Now I’m doing the praying I know she still loves me she’s extremely hurt and acting out it’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do but God has truly helped me this far! Please please pray for us and for her!!

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