Please answer this prayer request of the Virgin Mary.

by Gabriel ()

So we ALL come together in the true Jesus Christs name, and where 2 or more gather in the true Jesus Christs name, the true Jesus Christ is there, so we ask YOU true Jesus Christ since you are here with us that you pray the proper prayers to the true Heavenly Father that WILL cause the true Heavenly Father by his divine hands to put I the true Gabriel G. in to a permanent coma so that I dont have to suffer these HORRIBLE voices I hear in my mind all the time that are NOT I the true Gabriel G. but are some form of terrorists that are terrorising I true Gabriel G. all the time. When I true Gabriel G. am truely asleep I hear none of these stupid voices in my mind, and I am FREE OF THEM. Thank You true Holy Trinity. Amen. This prayer the voice that calls itself the VIRGIN MARY, that called I the true Gabriel G. to serve in her catholic priesthood and I told her “NO NO NO!!!”. She herself guided I true Gabriel G. into haveing the prayer above said, and wants many many others saying the prayer also, but they have to TRUELY BELIEVE in their hearts that it will be done, and said that it is VERY VERY important that this prayer is said on I the true Gabriel Gs. behalf. This is the exact same Virgin Mary that called Jose Superasio the Native American catholic priest into service, and Father Corapi of EWTN, Steven G. Stencil, Bierman Earl, and on and on does she say the names of Priests she called into her service that DID EXCELLENT JOBS for her as she calls it.

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