Perpetually overlooked and failing

by Kurt ()

Today’s Devotional author began by boasting of how much success she has had, doing what she loves as a worship leader, and leader of a Christian organization. How terrible for her. Imagine having such gifts and abilities, but being continually overlooked and rejected over the course of some 25 years. No, I am not some wannabe amateur who can strum a few chords on a guitar. I am a professional, who has been paid to play full time aboard major cruise ships like Disney. Moreover, I have a degree in Ministry and know the Bible and have mature theology. I also analyze worship song lyrics before I will use them as worship. So, I have the musical skills and gifts, I also have the theological depth and maturity that should be required in any church leadership position. Moreover, I also am confident in speaking, and engaging the people. Yet, I still get ignored and overlooked.

Proverbs 22:29 says, “Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve before kings. He will not serve before obscure men.”

But all of my life, I have been shoved aside, and never allowed to play bigger, more significant events in accordance with my level of abilities. Such as, at large Worship Conferences, or other ministry events. And the only churches that have allowed me to play are small and on a volunteer basis only. Meanwhile, I see kids just out of college, with little to no Bible depth or knowledge, being hired as full time full salaried worship leaders. So here is this kid, who still lives at home, earning a nice full time salary, who has a tiny fraction of the musical experience and versatility as me, while I am just a volunteer. When God, When?? Why am I, with these extensive musical gifts, forever stuck in obscurity? What was the point of giving me these gifts, if I am never allowed to use them in their capacity? Will I have to wait till Heaven before I get my chance? I do know that in Heaven, one will not have to be young and attractive to be allowed to lead worship. So I just feel like giving up. What is the point of having musical gifts if no one will give me the chance to be heard? Like an artist who paints beautiful paintings, but no one cares to look at them, because the artist is unpopular.

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