People saved

by Kennithia ()

For my kids to receive Jesus in their heart for Victor to receive Jesus in his heart we’re just kids that passed away should be comforted for my stepson healed and have Jesus in his heart and for Holy Spirit guide me and cleanse me my grandson Jacob to straighten up and for my granddaughter Piper she has autism and it is an academy for her to be healed of this and for my other two grandkids they want my daughter to adopt them back all three of them will you please pray that they are back in her home by the end of the year and pray for her fiance Steven that he might get his kids and they may find a house big enough for all the kids pray for my son for protection while he’s working in flying out of town and I pray for my niece Bethany she has lost her children in facing prison time pray she gets straightened up and comes home soon and get to see all three of her children and pray for Justin Westfall and his brother they lost their mother and breaks her heart I’m pray for my friends do not accept my offer of the moving into my home which I don’t have the courage to tell them that I might a mistake by saying they could move in I pray for Cadence my great nephew I was molested pray for healing and my two Denise’s Saxon and Brittany and their daddy Danny that lost his wife is my cousin pray someone gives am I good girl I really pray for my brother has hit me twice and they help me get him off my property and Lord help me get my property straightened up in my house fixed up but what’s in all reality your will be please pray that his will be done and my job search does smooth enough as soon as I can handle or I can get disability and the Widow’s pension and I pray for my dogs and my daughter’s dogs their health and Hazard protection in Jesus name I mean please pray for me

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