out of here

by chris ()

Im 47 and just suffered away my entire life with a spiritual attachment and anxiety and depression and an unclear mind and zero joy only hell and fear and complete humiliation over my small size as a guy which kept me alone with zero girlfriends the whole time thats 30 years with no love no real girlfriend no intimacy and forced because of no money to live with my very hateful brother mark totally by myself through all this hell save my wonderful mom beverly thank God I now know positively i will not be happy in this life its over this is not my opinion its a fact i need to leave this life if i stay i will only be miserable and humiliated and burn with fury over and over all alone like always please pray and ask God on my behalf that He will not force me against my will to have to remain here even though all i ever dreamed of was right here it doesnt matter all my curses are not going away it took me 30 years to finally figure this out the cruelty of watching most everybody go and be blessed is and was diabolical this is pure cruelty i dont know where God fits into all this but i have to go otherwise i will just simply like a prisoner remain in prison even though im not in prison and be tormented by evil spirits and everything else please pray with all your heart please i can go there is no other way im furious and shocked but mainly just heartbroken i missed it all and now it is all over please pray for me and my family and please pray i will have all the meds i need to hopefully not commit suicide while im waiting to go please pray it will be heaven and not hell thats where ive already been since i was 17 and just now really know it thank you and God bless you for praying with all your heart for me in Christ Mighty Name thank you again God bless you forever and ever for praying!

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