My only child….

by Barbara ()

My son was molested and introduced to porn at a very very early age by his father. He, his dad, was very emotionally and verbally abusive to us. His step dad was very hard on him as well. My son grew up with a lot of issues and was in and out of therapy. By the age of 18 he was doing 5 years for sexual assault and now at the age of 32 hes in jail for having pictures of younger girls on his phone.
I’m not making excuses because I believe there are and should be consequences for your actions. But please pray that instead of a lengthy jail sentence that they see there is mental illness and will help him with his sickness.
He had many issues at birth and I believe that he may have underlying problems from that on top of everything else. His father and step father refused to help and get his tested because of the “stain” it would put on the family’s name and the issues it would cause if people found out.
Please pray that they wont just lock him away, that they will help him to get the help he needs. My son is a saved Christian who is just lost and floundering. Thank you and bless you!

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