My God given soulmate

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I am really struggling right now. I am a Christian. I believe that Jesus Christ died for my sins. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that God has a plan for me. That said, I am still struggling emotionally and mentally right now. I met the love of my life back in November. I have no doubt that he and I are soulmates and are meant to spend this lifetime together. He has even said as much. After four months, he just abruptly decided that he wanted to end things. I have no idea what happened. I am so hurt and so lost. I believe that he got scared that our relationship was too good to be true and rather and wait for something bad to happen, he decided to leave on his terms. There was nothing wrong between us, and I empathize with the him, in his decision, if that is the reason that he left, because I have also felt the same thing in every other relationship I’ve ever been in, and in all other relationships, that has been the case. But we both know we are meant to be together. God sent us signs all the time we were around each other. I never want to be with any other person. He is my one and I know that I am his. I have been an emotional mess since he left me back in March. God sends me dreams a lot, and I know that my soulmate is just as broken without me, as I am without him. Since he left me, refuses to acknowledge the connection we have, and has almost completely stopped talking to me. Tonight, I found out that he’s seeing someone else. I know it won’t last, just because I know they aren’t meant to be, and I know that he has to come to this realization for himself. I trust that God has a plan for each of us, but I am hurting all the time. I would have done anything to fix our relationship and still would, but there was nothing to fix. I know this was God’s doing, and I understand that he is doing this to make us stronger, spiritually. I just want this separation to cease as quickly as it’s meant to. I am asking for prayers for my soulmate, that god will guide him where he wants him to go. I am also asking for prayers that God will bring us back together if it is his will, and that God’s will be done in both of our lives. I am asking for prayers that God will be with me and my soulmate as we navigate this difficult time. I have faith that God will in time bring us back together. This relationship was undeniably meant to be, and only God could have that kind of impact on a relationship. I am just struggling emotionally and mentally. Please pray for us.

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