My friendship with Marilynn

by Marybeth ()

Dear Father God, my friend Marilynn is very very angry 😡 with me. I was trying to help her and now she hates the sound of my voice. She was a very close friend and it hurts me a lot that she no longer wants to visit with me or have me around her.
Her last words to me were “get out!” I understand she is frightened of the changes happening to her , like feeling physically weak and helpless to move around easily,. She is in her mid-80’s and cannot trust her own body to stay on her feet. She has fallen 3 times in six days. Each time, she has become more bruised. Each time, she has refused to get medical attention, except to have personnel set her on her feet once again.
Since she is a close friend of mine, I am worried 😟 she is going to break a hip or another bone 🦴 in her body. She refuses to find out what is causing she to fall. She could have an inner ear infection affecting her balance, which could be fixed by taking medication. She may have broken a bone already and could wear a cast for six weeks and be healed. Since she will not go to the hospital, no one knows whether or not she can make a minor change like like this and continue to be my neighbor.
I do know her body hurts from the falls. Her back and shoulder were aching before the falls because she told me and another close friend about it over the last couple of months. She has been withdrawing from social situations for over a week now, refusing to leave her apartment.
She is depressed and crabby. I can live with crabby, but the depression worries me a lot. Once again, medication could be helpful, but she refuses to go to a doctor for help of any kind.
God, please give her family courage and wisdom and patience to deal with her. They love her very much and she is not making it easy for them to deal with her.
Thank you for listening so patiently, Father. I place her, her family, and the friendship between Marilynn and I in your loving hands. Please take charge of the situation and please grant me peace of mind. Good night and talk to You tomorrow. Amen.

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