My family is hurting. They need Jesus

by Angela ()

I am asking for prayer for my entire family including thoes i haven’t spoken to in years. My mom hid a deep dark secret from her children and it may not have been in her power to do anything to protect us. We my sister dennise and my brother scott are all incest survivor’s. This burden has been carried far to long and no one ever talks about. Untill now I am ready to face my childhood trauma and heal, but I believe my family needs healing as well. THey are hurting deeply physically and emotionally please ask God to heal my family and myself from this horriable pain that has effected all of us. Pray that drug addictions will be broken substance abuse sexual abuse emotional abuse and rage will be lifted from all our hearts. That we will become a family united in faith. I pray for the salvation of my family specially my brother that he finds his way back to God so he can help him and the people he is with that they to stop refusing god and lean into him. Heal their pain from the loss of their dad. I would also like you to pray for my children that God will be there savior for guideance and understanding . That through God our relationships will be made stronger and healing will take place in all our hearts. We will be a family again and please pray for me that God will continue to show me and give me direction for my life. To become a better mamma to both my kids. To break the cycle of domestic violence in our lives for all the people being effected by this may we all recieve complete healing from the inside out and God cleanses our hearts. To get rid of anger bitterness unforgiveness that God touches there hearts with forgiveness love and peace. My final prayer today is to help other single mama’s struggling with anxiety and worry . Please ask God to lead us with love to be able to provide for our families. To believe in miracles and to strenghten our faith in Jesus. For god to use my story to help other’s however he may want to . thank you and god bless you all

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