My Children

by Elizabeth (Marshall Il, 62441)

Please pray that I may be reunited to my children soon. I am in the process of a custody battle and Divorce. My husband has received temporary physical custody of my two youngest children. Since this he has done everything to cause me pain, using my children as tools to hurt me and cause sorrow. My children have been exposed to negative forces and neglected in many manners since he has been the custodial parent. He doesn’t encourage them to be with me and has a negative outlook upon me and it is reflecting back to my children, causing confusion and strife throughout. Please say your prayers that my children will be reunited to their mother and that his ways will be subject to justice, I pray. Pray also that I hold no hate towards this man who has tried to keep my children from me, whom I have always nurtured and cared for since birth.

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  1. I'm going through the same thing

    I know what you are going through is heavy on you because I’m going through the same thing. My prayer everyday is Psalm 37.
    I would like to talk to you because you are the first person that is experience the same thing. And maybe we can be a support system for each other.

    Be Blessed As You are

  2. Lord is our Shield

    I’m sorry you are going through this, I feel your pain. I am too battling the same situation, I feel like there is this ball in my throat and something weighing heavily on me. My mother just passed and since the day I buried her it has been one thing after the next personal attacks on me. Now my children are being put through this ordeal. I know it’s the enemy using my ex’s as puppets to do his dirty work to cause pain and agony maybe in hopes to steer us away from our lord from the promise of our father that no weapon forged against us shall prosper. We are human and as mothers the thought of our children being ripped from us kills us but we have to remain strong and faithful our lord will not allow injustice to be served even if we do not see a way or understand everything in time will be as it should. Lets be his warriors and when we are attacked we fight with prayer and inspiration to others. You are not alone and loved very much. Stay strong and keep praying your children are worth every bit of it and so are you. Prayers to you. God Bless.

  3. Be Strong

    I am also going through the exact same situation. My husband to has temporary custody of my 2 children. I feel your pain, and there’s some days where I feel, I can’t go on but I put all my faith in God and I’m fighting you ex and NOT giving up. I pray that you’re situation works out.

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