Mother Mary please pray for us

by Joy ()

Mama Mary, I come to you for help. Please intercede and help me pray to Your son, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I pray that Our Lord Jesus will give my son the strength to overcome his bad habits, clear vision to righteousness and the will to overcome obstacles.

Please keep him away from evil friends and influences. Heal him and his friends, my dear Mother.

My dear Mother, help me find good tenants for our dorm and the right person to rent our commercial space.

I ask for God’s blessing on me and my children, my brothers and sisters, my friends, the people who work for us and tenants.

Mother Mary be with us always. Thank You. Amen.

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  1. My son and my work

    Blessed Mother
    Please heal my son from addition and give him Holy vision to see Gods will for his life/career wether it is to finish med school or another career path.
    Please help my boss to be fair while dealing with me and for my coworker to be kind.
    Thank you.

  2. my son

    Beloved Mother Mary, please help my son. Guide him on this journey, help him experience self worth, confidence in himself, and joy.

  3. prayer request

    Mother Mary, pray for me, I am falling in sinful habit by watching porn. Maa, pray for my husband who is into bad habits like smoking and boozing. Pray for my children future.

  4. Blessed Mary

    Mother Mary pray for me to clear up all confusion and frustration in my relationship by helping me to look forward to be success in my life. Currently my love has left me since I requested through last Easter prayer, but later I realized how much he loved me and my request is incorrect. I want to rectify the request that I asked from God. I am not happy without Chacha. I am upset and sad because I loved him a lot and no one accepted me as he did. He liked my everything and forgave me, But later he said his love was a fragile one. Everyday I see him in dream with someone else. I am worried. Why he cannot feel me now? Because I asked from God to make him to stop this is this is not working out? Now only I feel how much he loved me and I was wrong.

    Blessed virgin Mary help us to succeed in our relationship with lots of love by keeping your hand in our relationship and help to fix the gap and make him understand it was not my fault to break up with me by putting his best friend’s wedding as first priority. Why I was not his first priority?

    I feel I cannot do anything without him. I’m near a research publication but I have no idea what needs to be done. Mother Mary, please kindly guide me. This is one in a million chance for me to apply USA as a dream and get a offer letter with scholarship. Pray for me my loving virgin mother Mary. Last 5 months I went through such a bad and miserable time. You knew all and I could not take the last chance because of my idiotic behavior and anger. Please take all my negative fact and take this anger ways to succeed our relationship which is not stable at the moment.

    Guide me and pray for me as a huge shadow coming behind me with every single second. Please Mother Mary, you can do anything, I have seen in many times. Pass my message to God and pray for me. Help me in this struggling time to achieve all success in better way. Help me to publish a research in this semester as a miracle.

    Holy Mary! Keep your blessed hand to my life and our relationship. Make it strong. Take my all problems and loneliness. Open up all success doors to me and bring true love to my life with all happiness.

    With Love Alokems

  5. Please pray for my son

    Mother Mary, please intercede for my son to attain a normal height. Please do a miracle and I know it’s possible. Also, help him to become a disciplined, goal oriented person. I have been praying for so long and I wont give up until you grant this. In Jesus name..

  6. Thank you Mother Mary...

    Thank you Mother Mary for your intercession. Thank you in asking God to help us get our V.A. home loan and to close on our new home. It demanded a miracle and you came through! I am now able to permanently house myself and my family.

    I ask that you continue to take special interest in my family and our situation and help us to build a stronger and loving commitment to God and each other. Help us to discover all of God’s blessings and glory through you so that not only is my faith strengthened, but that I will do the Lord’s Will and service. May my family continue to be strengthened by power of prayer and the mercy of our loving God.

    I will be ever mindful of this great favor you have given to me and will always honor you as queen of the holy rosary and queen of heaven and earth. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Mother Mary. Amen.

  7. Immigration acceptance....

    O Most Holy Virgin, Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ: I ask for your intercession in that Erica and I get through the Adjustment of Status (AOS) process, paperwork and procedure in a quick and efficient manner within months. Thank you for your help in asking God for help in the immigration process, paperwork and procedure through the USCIS within months with Erica being accepted so that we can move on with our lives.

    Despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer me. Amen.

  8. Request

    O Most Holy Virgin, Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ: I ask for your intercession in that the VA will reverse the incompetency proposal while my 100%, Permanent and Total rating stays in tact.
    Despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer me. Amen.

  9. Jesus i love you so much please help me get my love back

    My loving God please answer my prayers , i love you so much

    Dear brother and sisters please pray for me cause i am truely in need and this can only be a miracil. my name is damian and i am a goan, i fell in love with a girl called jaisy and she is from kerala, we both stay in aberdeen. i meet her two years ago and snice then we been going out. we both love each other very much. the problem is that her mum dad would not agree to give her to me, because i am from goa, i have tried my level best to expalin to them that we love each other. dont understand why culture is problem and soetimes i wish i was from kerala. last year when jaiy told her parents they didnt agree , she was so sad she tried to kill herself. we have both tried but parents focing her to brek-up with me. only time she is happy is when she is with me. my hope is only only god. they will go through any limits to break us dont know why i deserve all this, i love them all i just want them to accept this relationship. dont understand what to say to them, i didnt even get any chance . this week i told her parents again. we loved each other sommuch, we even slept togather and thats what jaisy told her parents. even at that time they foced her to break up with me. she took her phone, laptop so we have no contact with each other all and if i tried to call they are ready to take me to the police. really dont understand what i have to do, very lost. i have never fought anything before. if i get her it will surely be a miracle and i really hope jesus gives her to me becuse i can only love her .

    my brothers and sisters please prsy that their mum and dad would understand that we really love eachother. please pray that i will get her and i strongly believe with our prayers jesus will give my love back to me .

    thank you my brothers and sisters for prayin for me i love you all and god bless

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