Mom and son Samson Luke Berry 13 age

by Linda ()

I pray that the evil judge Esther Morgenstern of ingrate domestic violence issues our family of Kenneth Edward Berry his daddy who had physical abuse, no control with his rage or anger management and he still used drug addiction abuse, our Son Samson Luke Berry had emotional issues of PSTD, nightmares of bad dream but he had higher 4 level in Kipps AMP middle school that he was awesomely to learn and motivate his great course in his classes so wonderful job as he was so sweet big boy and innocent. Mom of Linda McIntosh had bipolar disorder without medications anymore , victims of rape abuse / domestic violence issues , my soberity clean ( 13 years , 11 months / 11 days )with Kenneth Edward Berry that he used drug addiction his history .. We don’t live together no more but I ( Linda McIntosh mother and My son Samson Luke Berry 13 age lived together in 2 bedroom apt since Samson born 2010 until now . Everything is all right now. Pray for Evil the judge Esther Mickey Morgenstern had keeping to mock us , make fun of deaf / hoh / she keeps to contact the judge / lawyers of Bruce/ Liz Gilten in few years / they keeps to contact NYCHA Albany house landlord/ maintenance worker had copy the key apt to destroyed/ damaged our stuff properly and Samson his stuff properly , ( Evil judge Esther Morgenstern of domestic violence ingrates bad court , her corruption issues, judicial code tried us to keep away from our son Samson Luke Berry for domestic violence issues, wrong idea of bad thoughts, don’t care our feelings with our deaf family (Kenneth Berry deaf dad / me Linda McIntosh deaf mom )and our son Samson Luke Berry hearing big boy now at 13 age . Dad lived in 314 west 94th street # 524 room in Manhattan SRO ( single room opportunity) I ( Linda McIntosh mom and my son Samson Luke Berry 13 age hearing big boy lived together at 1430 Bergen Street # 12H , in Brooklyn, NY 11213 . I’m NA recovery clean soberity for 13 years , 11 months and 11 days now . Look for change. Organization of the evil judge Esther Mickey Morgenstern, need to be held accountable for gross misconduct, fraud and willful infliction of emotional harm on multiple kids / kids . Powerful head of Brooklyn’s “ Integrated Domestic violence issues court and she has poisoned jurist evil , liar , she tried to destroyed me to our stuff property, and Samson his own stuffs ( 2 inhaler machine damage / broken , his clothes had rip it off hole , scratch , orange hoodie school uniform had stick black spray dirty , no pipe in bathroom under the sink last April 7,2023 until now , white mold in bathroom without painters/ plasters , which was endangered my kid health of his asthma problem . That was truth n honest for NYCHA Albany House maintenance worker white guy had copy the keys , enter my apt and what he done to us destroyed/ damaged our stuff property and Samson his things list of damage and broken his inhaler machine , hot iron damage , pans scratch from kitchen room ,refrigerator plate cut it off on line , spray few plates so dirty , spoon/ etc . Morgenstern keeps to contact NYCHA Albany house issues to destroy our stuff property and Samson his things his black drawer broken damage , the pole of his bedroom with glue white safety clean , etc . The evil judge Esther Morgenstern had remove and prosecute ALL corruption and abusive judges , most poisonous jurist , a loyal mutt for a corrupt master , following our complaints to the Chief Judge and Commission on Judicial Conduct issues from outside no court and Kenneth Berry and I ( Linda McIntosh) have to get temporary order of protection last on Dec 17,2019 til Feb 24,2020 last court date then we both don’t have to get order of protection no more our son Samson Luke Berry almost 3 yrs now . That was much better now to more space , safety home environment and longer our distance to living . Everything was good news our domestic violence issues our experience of dad was choking his son , Samson twice cuz of use drug addiction for long time , anger management problems , liar , dishonest father of manipulative behavior person but I had knewn him Kenneth Berry for 27 years now . That is not worth for his drug situation , choking issues to Samson twice and other issues . For me , I am so strong mother , get more faithful n strength to read the Bible devotional everyday every morning / every night , balance life right , trust in Gods my everything with our son Samson Luke Berry 13 age , search our happiness , God forgive, get separate with me and exboyfriend of Kenneth Edward Berry for bad experience of domestic violence issues ( insult , violence, cruelty , slap/ choke issues , offend , humiliation, abuse partner ,stalking indifference )for long time when Samson born 2010 til 2020 stop court of domestic violence issues on Feb 24,2020 so we can moved on with new life , new patterns of different things today .
But God knews it our everything what had happened and what they had done to disgusting, no respecting to us hurt and bad things to do cuz of unbelief by Jesus Christ and they had biggest excuse their wrongdoing actions , let God will take care of it any doom and chaos ASAP soon . ( Linda McIntosh deaf , Samson Luke Berry hearing boy 13 age and Kenneth Berry deaf our family )

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