Mission Trip

by Amy ()

Abba Father,
You are AMAZING!! There is no one like You!! To think that You created the world, all that we see and the much more that we cannot see – You simply spoke and Your very words commanded things to be that were not. Things are still being created today, by Your very first command. You know the end from the beginning. You are the Alpha and Omega. There is nowhere You are not, nothing You are unaware of , and nothing impossible to You. Sovereign, Eternal, Infinite, the WAY, the TRUTH, the LIFE!!! Unfathomable, Unshakeable, Immovable. In a world of crazy people doing crazy things, YOU are the SOURCE of all we need!!
To think rather than seeing us humans and thinking about all You have invested in us and being disgusted and pouring out Your wrath upon us…You are beyond patient, merciful, graceful and we OWE You everything!! You owe us nothing!
Father, You have placed in my heart the desire to Go to the nations. To take the good news of Christ to those who are living in ignorance. Those who are going to spend eternity separated from Your Glorious Presence. THE MOST AWFUL TRAGEDY of ALL!!!!! Father, I ask that today and every day You give us on this earth – draw me, draw my husband, draw our son, draw our daughter to YOU!! Draw the beautiful young lady our son will marry to You! Draw the handsome young man our daughter will marry to You!! May we each have an encounter with You that fills us with complete awe of Your Holiness and Your calling for our family, and the generations that will follow us! The enemy has tried to destroy us, we have drifted, we have run away from Your Presence, we have be pulled away by our own fleshly desires. BUT GOD. YOU are SO FAITHFUL!! You never have left us, You never have forsaken us. We may have each in various ways let go of You at different times, but YOU HAVE NEVER LET GO OF US!!! PRAISES, ALL PRAISES to Your Name!!! Thank You, JESUS for Your blood has covered us, kept us, redeemed us, healed us, restored us, saved us, and it constantly renewing and reviving us in this world that seeks to destroy us. An enemy that seeks to steal from us the abundant life that You died to give us. The enemy seeks to destroy our witness, and kill us so that we are not viable for God’s Army here on earth. Jesus, Your Power is so much greater and it is Your Resurrection Power than defeated death and won the Victory!! I thank You, JESUS, for You have saved our lives, our souls, our spirits, our bodies, our minds, our emotions, our finances, our relationships – by Your grace and truth!! And You have given us, as sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH KING, the authority to rebuke the enemy. We are not smarter than he is, but YOU ARE INFINITELY SMARTER, as You are the CREATOR – and he was created. LORD, I ask that You give me and my family and the future generations to follow the wisdom to seek YOUR KINGDOM first, to not rely on our own knowledge or that of anyone else, but we are filled with Your wisdom and discernment to know what Your calling is upon our lives, what mission we are to pursue, what work You have equipped us to do, what people You have for us to share Your gospel with, and the words to use as we share. LORD, YOU ALONE know what purpose You created us to fulfill. Inspire us with a deeper knowledge of WHO YOU ARE, and who we are. May we all be filled with a holy confidence, may we live right with YOU because Your Spirit is at work in us – and may we always be submitted to YOU, may we all reject the enemy and his lures, distractions, and schemes. Protect us from any evil he plans against us, and keep Your angels encamped around us – guarding and protecting us always. Fill us with new JOY, new HOPE, new LOVE – so that our faces reflect the Spirit of God flowing through us. May YOUR face shine upon us and give us NEW strength – for we are weak, but through Christ’s strength in us we can do ALL things. I seek YOUR will, Your way – may our family go where You call us to – and share YOU, YOUR LOVE, and may we have no fear for we KNOW you do not send us – You GO WITH US!!! YAHWEH – JEVOHAH TSIDKENU, JEVOHAH SHALOM, JEVOHAH JIREH, JEVOHAH RAPHA. Blessings – All BLESSINGS TO YOU FATHER GOD, JESUS CHRIST our SAVIOR and LORD, HOLY SPIRIT our GUIDE, WONDERFUL COUNSELOR!! In the VICTORIOUS NAME OF CHRIST I pray, asking, seeking and finding – I claim all the amazing mission trips and ministry opportunities you have for us, and all the books You have for me to write. As we will do all that You have called us to do. I believe the promises You have given me. AMEN.

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