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I would like Prayer for myself I feel like I’m on a roller coaster with my life/ faith some days I feel I’m doing the right by babysitting my grandchildren not complaining about feeling lonely and scared at times not complaining but praying for husband to stop drinking and smoking praying for marriage and family I’ve haven’t been working over a year after injury and not having your own money is hard my kids help me out for babysitting my husband not used to handling everything I didn’t prepare myself financially for retirement it’s depressing sometimes I try to help everyone but they all use to me helping and don’t realize I need help too I filing bankruptcy due to I not working and it’s even hard getting money together to pay lawyer I’m praying for financial miracle and that my husband see my struggle and want to give me support and work on our marriage we did everything backwards we live together first, had kids and then got married years later I feel like I’m being punished my parents and grandparents did it right but never shared to how I should of done it not blaming them I wish I would of done things a little different my parents and grandparents are all gone and can not assist me I Pray God hear my cry and help me get through all of this I’m very grateful for what I have marriage, children and grandchildren sometimes it’s overwhelming times are tough right know and I get sad and depressed please pray for me thank you

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