Marriage Restoration

by Heather ()

Satan has a strong hold on my marriage and husband. There’s been a lot of negative outside influence affecting our marriage over the last 7 years. Satan has been working through the brokenness of each of us. My issues were with anger, overthinking, doubt, worry, anxiety and fear. His were the same plus cheating. We both have a negative childhood, lots of trauma inflicted on us by our own mothers.

We do love each other, he’s just done again. We are both born again Christians that drifted away from Jesus. I have since turned back hard to God in the last month after I was diagnosed with PCOS and endometriosis, both are physical proof of severe childhood trauma. He’s trying to go back to an old relationship from 30 years ago.

We are both truck drivers.

I’m blessed to be back in God’s grace and mercy. God is working on me and through me. I’m working on forgiveness of those that hurt me and forgiveness of myself. My rage is pretty much gone especially after finally receiving proper medical treatments.

My husband, Elijah, is still struggling with his brokenness and finances. He doesn’t see hope, I’ve asked him to take it Our Lord through prayer. He also struggles with chronic body pain from massive accidents he’s been involved in.

My prayer request is that Jesus continue taking this marriage to Our Father and for it to be restored to a stronger marriage than before with Christ as the center. For the strong hold of Satan to be broken.

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