by Baptiste ()

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I pray that Rachel finds her faith, her zeal, her love, APJ, FTV, her E, her joy, QPSRFER, QSBDSE, SRDQP, to be drawn, to receive, may the Lord UMEEFEH, QMA!! DNUBCEDLAUJPTLALCDGMBC, I pray QRALEES, TLSD, SSESC, NDN, be baptized SE, pray in tongues and all our loved ones!! May all TA and A men in E and V, SC, we A/R/S/E/E, change LTELC!! ULELFLM!! Help us to RES and DNDPDC, to know us and to TC, to be VES, ANJM, M, possible, ABLL !! Send us, help us at TDLVDLA!! Help us ACETDT, ANPJEV, with the H, for DP! QLFNS, unite marriages/families, churches!! May our loved ones TC SF and TA and CTF, read and love your word (B, C, GBU, R, N, P, P, C, M, neighbors, neighborhoods, M, family, friends, SB, Ah, WU, EMCI , ADJ, H, DDEC, A, AD, J, A, M, B, L, B, L, LP, M, FH, U, R, G, M/I, A, LL, R, B, L , K , CAB, OGECB, N, I, T SL, J, others, T, Y, T, D, P, D, C, DVD, C, RDA, A, T123, C, E, ES, M, H, YG, R , U/R, E, Y, M , M and M, N, B, P, ISFEC, F, R, R, B, N, E, P, F, Mcdo, M, A, T, C, P, C/T/P, G, B, R, C, D, A, IE, J, DA, E , GP, A, high school, P, I, M, P, G, P, MGV CW, FLS, S, SP, J, D, I, F, P, EP, A, HD, AVS, ARE, M;,EE, CSC, CNED, A, MA, P, WU , CQF, OS, JPC, M, R, B, D, B, C, P, Mika, L, GDL, Housing, IB, A, IBG, PE, EVS, AE, USA, T, TTF, P, W, P, I, L15, J, T12L, B, B, O, M, K, S, NSF, LP, F, A, P, SJDC, P21, P, B, JDP, 2C7, CV, MET, B, MG, WU, A, BDN, P, E, CSC, SJ, C, CP, I/A, IDLE, EPENB, CAEF, C, DCLE, M/V, FELE54, I, U, LS, SP, SC, L, France, A, C, M, T, RR, S, E, P, G, CE, CHU, P24, 2P1, CQSV, 2, 3, C, C, V, MCQBCLSE, P25, P91, P88, MG,MT, P13, EBT, BPDM, B/T, P22, FA, C, I, FD, H, BP, P15, HP, ND, O, SR, CE, GG, LP, J/I, G, CQREA, E, 1T, C11, S, JS, CNED, CE, A, E , G, A, L, C, LL, Ch, DUE, M24/25, EP, L, R12, M18, DP/NE, P, P, TC, B, MDL, HC, L6, W, W, U/R, R, M, unemployed, B, B , D, L, N, G, BK, Mcdo, Aecm, S, LVDC, P, Caef, AB, Cnef, ADD, Batistas, GP, G/I/V, traders, etc.). Help us AEDLAECM, ALM, AEUBD, QLGVALEEREEDE, QTLHATLALPTAELE, QTLHRLF, ATALE with EPA, N, IDE, with PSDA, with LT, PII, TLBPE, QTLHAALE QTLHDD, DNREL, with LS, LA, C&D, J23 , 24, ANV, QTL, DNTTPGJAMP, your P, your L, your D, your A, TB!! May all TS, NA men be P and LALC, SDLF, AAC, QLESBV!! QLFSS!! Heal the back, the E’s, C’s, D’s, G’s, A’s, V’s, D’s, MDT’s, Covid… Give us D/R’s from the A’s, LDE’s, BN’s and ANALP’s!! ADAALGAL!! Help us APDTV, AVALC, DNDTEDR, with the T, the T, not the MI/G, change the food, only CHSPESM, EDLLEA, buy UB and read it 3 hours a day!! Let everyone enter into their gifts, their vocation and their destiny, QLFSS!! Change the TELPs, key laws (telephone), CLP MDNV, LL, help us with the MEEA, the A!! Help FUC, LG, help us AADRS, AAES, with ME, GLL, CDR!! DNDB!! I pray for LV, LALC, that ANJ men, help us do the JDD!! Help us AEATEALU, A with LPELGA, in NFO, with J6, E’s, ADD, in PLUPLA, so that people NA and NA, NA!! JTCNBEHelp us ALMDV, AADVP, with the ORM, with the F, T, D, S!! Heal, bless, strengthen and save all the sick, homeless, P, E, F, A L, E, J, A, E/A!! Don’t leave anyone PP, help us AFDR, with JELA, give us good C and E, S, A, J, R, S, M!! All pass BV!! May LGNV, QLESBVDLM, TADF transfigure us, change us!! Help us TUG, wait 30 years and 300 years, Maranatha, PLB!! BNF!! IDE!! Let TLHSEA, SR, CLP between them, NPD, MALHQSCDLH!! Help us ATLCLPDA, in RAECEES, with LT, I pray for the F, H, M, the DDD, the FT, R, O, the P, SDF, P, R, G, O, E, E, E! ! May each D have its M, NS/NC, RNR, BNF, BLCDLV!! Help us with the ADA, with LP, help the EP and U, CQOH, all saints, flip SAS!! Give us BM, PC, car, accommodation!! Help us AND, rejection and CB, with CE, C, J, Ms!! May all men SAPDCDA, APJ, NDN, J and SB, BDSE, FLG AND SR, may all HPELEI, ACEE, 3 hours a day, EDODTM, ALL, PA!! Help us with DLM and with the V/B/S/A/P/E, Cs, with LC, E4!! That the OPI, that the PDE exists!! QLMNFC, that the HTA and NA/A, TL, TP, TE, TLSD, accept!! Help us reach B, J, E, USA, A, AB. DNPD DDDGs, Ms, Ps, PDCDS!! QLH A/A/PLS help us with LR, NDDB EDT, DBI and us ALe CM!! Bless and save LP!! Let there be UR, don’t help us M!! Help us with the J/A, to put the M, C, A!! BLPDLES!! SSLH!! Than TLSDDCM, give us F, A, P, P, AMQ, CP, PV, C, SR!! Help us with the C, 1C6, at the GUL, at the FLP, with the CP, S, A, I, P, S, S!! Let everyone practice their LDAENSPD, be CDP!! That there is ADR, QLHETLPQ…! IDEP!! Let him confirm S and P and talk to TLH, RTLC!! Bless and S, F all TS, C, A, PED, E, P, P… I pray for CQALF the V’s, H’s, help us be TTH and ENDSE!! Help us RNE our S1, M1, M2, C, E, help us be strong in S, M, A, F, M, HG, AP. This SR Temple!! Help us with the Covid, LLELI, IIC, Q, O, P, J, P!! May the Lord keep and bless you richly!!

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