Loving and Believing in Jesus

by Shawn ()

Lord please help me to be what Jake needs while he is sick help him believe in to give His heart you you and learn to love Jesus. While his life is wnding my dear friend is putting on a brave face and im trying forgive me for be afeaid and doubting making mistake please. Let no one get hurt and let Jake Jackson know ive loved him from the moment i saw him and i always will but more importantly let him live as long as possible and not leave this earth unyill his soul is saved i am at your feet begging your mercy for someone i have known from childhood in our 50’s now and married to other people even mile and miles away he is so close in my heart and the most important thing is to see himm again so we can thank you together lord knows this is almost wrecking me but thank You Jedus I trust in You help me to keep my heart faithfully knowing You will never letme down im so in love and in awe of all you are Glory to God and in Jesus name i pray Thank You Holy Spirit for being so great to me quietly taking care of us all You are amazing just wow so much just now flooded me you are everything so wonderful thank you holy God My Jesus and the Holy Spurit continue pleasse to guide bless and protect me my prayers aand my loved ones Your work just astounds me prais hius holy name amen ( mu needs my family noel zachhary dylan dad 1&2 leeann marcey chrissy josh lynn and boo aj mike wveryine in this world i pray for all the hurt and every soul to know you are lord and let every soul ask you to save them let noone be trucked by the enemy. Oh Lord you are divine love and mercy itself thank you so much forever amen I love you so much Jesus ty amen

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