Love replaced with frustration

by H ()

Please pray for my frail marriage, we used to be so close , so tender , so gentle , compassionate, we were THAT couple, the ones who made others a little nauseous to watch. But this past month … we’ve been under attack and love has turned to resentment , sweet texts turned sour foul words , who’s right and who’s wrong , ( y’all know the deal , the blame game when it’s obviously both of us … because it takes to two to argue . Please Lord cast out our attacker in you’re Glorious name , God please wrap us in your arms and overcome our anger and hurt with your calm peaceful love and remove our selfish and angry disposition and replace it with kindness , selflessness and no record of wrong doing . Please God protect our children and put a hedge of protection around all those homes that read this and pray for my precious family that you abundantly blessed me with , God I love you and thank you for giving your only son so that I can humbly beg for your guidance and intervention in our hearts and homes .
Jesus name I pray for thine is the Glory forever and ever !

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