Lost of faith God against me

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Help I grew up in a dysfunctional abusive toxic family I’m a single mom born again christian I excepted Christ as my savior at night I was baptized at 12 and I redid the kid in my life at 19 and just recently re-dedicated my life this past summer because I don’t understand why am I going through such a very hard time and it’s a continuous pattern in my life now. The only person who loves me is my child I’m in school trying to finish and take care of my daugther but facing hardship all the time I never get any good breaks I’ve faced homeless twice I feel like a failure I can’t get over my struggle in keeping a Job and car together I have tithe and give but I have poor credit score never receive financial help or guidance. I don’t have love and support from my family after helping my mother recover from hip surgery she denied that I help her and my father and mother used me and are fed up with me. I’m beyond heart broken and merisable All I ever been to them was a good child growing up but my careless mother always hated me and never love me and and gave me the boot. Now I don’t have a home looking for a place to live. I have no car and loss all my Faith in God I thought I had family who love me but I was just blinded by all of it my father is short tempered and two faced and navie and my mothers a narcissist. I cry out to God but why won’t you help me why won’t he step in a change my circumstances been struggling for 15 years Watching everyone progress and events in life blessed before me behind me beside me all around me but not me Life is unfair you struggle and suffer and die. I don’t have a purpose in life why am I here😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔

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