Lost my job and I am lost

by David ()

I recently lost my job of 23 years due to personal issues my boss had for me. We were once close friends and over the years that turned into hate, intimidation and dishonesty. Over the course of time my body and soul went through difficult times of healing and understanding why God allows an evil person to be able to behave in that manner. My boss even goes to church and is very involved, but the confusion is how he can be both and that’s my current situation of lack of faith and belief due to me feeling that God rewards people who play the part, but don’t act the part. Meaning my boss. He has turned my faith upside down with confusion, because God wouldn’t allow someone like him to get away with his choices, but I truly believe that evil does exists, because I have seen it and feel it in my boss. But to be fired for no cause other then his hate for my has affected my life along with my wife. I am currently seeking employment, but at 59 its difficult and I will never be able to make and provide for my family what I did before. I see the pain in her eyes and I think in her faith. I was her rock and now I feel I maybe her obstacle. She has a strong faith that carries her, but I see it changing. Why would God allow this and from someone who is a false profit as my boss. I’ve seen the evil and now it’s very strong and I don’t know how having faith or God in you life protects people from evil. I am struggling every second of the day and hope is in the Bible a lot, but I seem not to be able to find it right now. I worry for the lost love of my wife that only weeks ago was strong. The man she love and trusted has now been shamed and beaten down. I need or we need love from God and a way back to hope and believing in our faith. Where are you God where are you?

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