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Him my fiance and I are believers, a neigbor moved in two years ago that I instantly picked up on his wickednesss, He caused us a lot of grief and problems and disturbed our peace and many other things. His wife and him had a lot of problems and it seemed they could not cope because they seemed angry at us when they became evicted over other things. I Had to call the police on him a few times. for provoking us and baiting us. It escalated in to a alteration and he peppered sprayed us and we ended up in a fight. Now we are facing charges. I have no criminal records a as to a ticket yet despite our calls on this man the pollice took his side even tho he assaulted us first. Days after he vandalized our car. we live in a nice neigborhood but he seems like a disturbed person. we always had a strange ugly gut feeling about him. I request prayer that the charges are dropped now that I told a detective our side of the story that the police did not take. I am requesting a prayer that are charges are dismissed. A week before this incident this man looked like a devil roaming aroung our property like a lion , it scared me. the same week I started going to church .

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