Jesus I need you

by kelley ()

My dad and my husband got into it today over taxes. Its a stupid thing to get all tore up about. But now Im stuck in the middle of it. I called my dad to appologize for my husband. They are both bull headed. My dad is under a lot of stress trying to care for my mom who has alzheimer’s . I don’t care about getting the taxes done on time. I just dont want my dad upset.
Im really sick of my husband pushing the issue. And of course I’m gonna side with my dad. Blood is always thicker than water.
I am also hurting because my husband doesnt really treat me like he loves me. I dont feel loved. I don’t have any friends. Which doesn’t help anything either. But my husband will have me to have sex with him. Then he just gets up and walks away. Never hugs me or touches or kisses me. Every once in a while I might get a thank you. It really hurts me. I work and he doesn’t. I do all the work around the house for the most part. He does empty the dishwasher. He is disabled. But it still is hard when I work all day and come home and have to clean up everything while he was home and could have done some of the work. I feel like we grow further apart all the time. He is very controlling and everything has to be his way and he’s always telling me what to do. What to eat, what to watch on tv. Just everything. He has to know everything. He even walks in on me when I’m using the bathroom. It’s like he wants to invade every part of my life. I don’t know how much more I can take . Please pray for me and help me.

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