Jesús i ask of you yo heal my heart mind and soul. My husband and my children. I ask to be closer to you father god. For i seem to not know how to pray to you. I know your here lord but i feel lost. I need to here or see lord father that … Continue reading “encouragement”

Lord I need you

Dear father, I am so tired, alone, scared, and anxious. You tell me these things are not of you but of the enemy. I pray to rely solely on you. To forget the things of this world and know that they are only temporary. That the pains of heartache, broken relationships, loss of people I … Continue reading “Lord I need you”

Thank you for your prayers

Dear Friends, today I only wanted to say THANK YOU for all the prayers you did for my Mom Ana Calderon Fabres, my Cousin Katherine Castaner Calderon and Nephew Fernando Flores Castaner, thank you so much, my family is out of covid 19 and they feel better, thanks to your prayer and our Lord Jesus … Continue reading “Thank you for your prayers”


I come today asking for prayer,for myself kids and fiance. It’s a daily battle and I stand strong but my body hurting and aching. I just pray for strength to help heal me,and for my sons to stay focus and to become whom God called them to be.And for my fiance who locked up,that he … Continue reading “Strength”

Holy Spirit

Oh Holy Spirit , soul of my soul, I adore you, guide me strengthen me, console me, tell me what to do , give me thy order and I promise to submit to whatever you desire for me and to accept everything you allow for me to happen, let me only know thy will..

Super Natural Favour

God to uphold me till the end and help me continue Abide HIM for the rest of my life Abundant Grace of God for me and family God Wisdom knowledge and understanding of HIS words should be granted to me in order to go out Win Soul for God All Good promises for myself should … Continue reading “Super Natural Favour”

Hi sorry Will

That I accept what will come with dignity, grace and courage, that those I have hurt by my conduct remain safe, and most of all that regardless of my needs and desires, that His will be done.


Praying for confidence in singing before a large crowd. Stronger relationship with the Father.


Need the right words to convey the truth of spiritual assistance.


Please pray for me. My strength and gods presence


I pray that we find a cure to Covid-19 and that the world can be together and abundant again. I pray that we recognize and change the flaws in our government, policing, and societal systems. I pray that life is always kind to all my loved ones and all theirs. I pray that nature continues … Continue reading “Peace”

All Students

Father Im begging all students to pass by a 95% and everyone will receive their own angel to guide them. Father may your mercy allow every student to recall how to work our every formula. Guide all students with mathematical wisdom and excellent strategies to face any problem. Lord your children need you . Please … Continue reading “All Students”

Happiness love aall

In the name of jesus christ it will be so in st Joseph intesetion help guide protect vjwf8172001 in jesus name help him.. love aall love work b be successful in jesus name no envy no hate he will hv lots of good friends lots of good women love him in jesus name he will … Continue reading “Happiness love aall”

Growth of spiritual growth

Lord God I come to you,strengthen my spiritual growth so that I may understand the word of God and keep it inside my heart.My soul is weak and hungry for you lord,let the holy spirit take control of my spirit and wwhole being,in the power of the blood of Jesus,through the power ,the presence and … Continue reading “Growth of spiritual growth”

All Breakthrough

Employment, prosperity,financial breakrgrouth, healings, children to have excellent spirit to excell. Peace of mind, miracles, strength, undeniable favour, all round protections and mecry. All round breakthrough,forgiveness, gifting and skills , progress, succesful mariage, more of God, wisdom and understanding. Revelation and decerning spirit. Amen


I pray to have God give me guidance in what my purpose is, I almost died at berth, and 5 more times, yet I’m still here , I pray God will let me know what my purpose is, l feel useless to society l feel like i’ve not contributed to God and society l keep … Continue reading “Purpose”


I need prayer I will be open to all opportunities & friendships. I really like Barbara & hope she may someday become my mentor in writing. I need prayer for inspiration for writing articles. I need prayer for the right wording & my timing gets good. I need God’s guidance to help me to be … Continue reading “Favor”

Mom my yellow rose

Mom passed away at her home suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 75 on April 19, 2020 and today I’m finding it so hard without her and believing she’s gone?! I had so many more things to do with her. To say to her. To share with her. What do I do with all … Continue reading “Mom my yellow rose”

Deaf ministry

Ricky Newman is a Deaf Pastor for West Hampton Baptist Church in Hampton, VA. He do vlog on Sunday Sermons and Bible Study to anyone who know sign language. We aware that many deaf people do not have computer or cell phone because they cannot afford to pay the Internet service because they are on … Continue reading “Deaf ministry”

Mercy and Grace

Dear Father I come in humbleness of soul and ask if thy mercy permits grace unto the children of man for we are fragile Father and lost to the true love that thou hast given. We have abandoned thy precepts and each one has turned to his or her own way. I pray in the … Continue reading “Mercy and Grace”

What’s next in life!

Dear god! What’s next!? What does this world have to endure? You live you struggle you try so hard to be honest and pure. You make mistakes your happy then your sad! You know you need God but sometimes you cant find him! You know he is there. There to take on everyone’s problems and … Continue reading “What’s next in life!”

What’s next in life!

Dear god! What’s next!? What does this world have to endure? You live you struggle you try so hard to be honest and pure. You make mistakes your happy then your sad! You know you need God but sometimes you cant find him! You know he is there. There to take on everyone’s problems and … Continue reading “What’s next in life!”

Prayer for beginnings and Faith

As I embark upon new paths, I ask for guidance and strength. Times are showing that with great Faith and patience we all can pull through this. Prayer warriors are needed for prayers of more instilled Faith for what’s to come; new hope, new beginnings. Thanks.

Emergency Prayer

Father I come in Jesus name and blood. Because in my own name and blood I am neither worthy nor known. Be merciful to me the sinner! And forgive my every debt and sin towards You. I have three unspoken requests that You know Oh Lord.I pray Father You may grant them. So that my … Continue reading “Emergency Prayer”

Thankful and Grateful

Well first I want to say A GREAT BIG THANK YOU!!!!!!! for all the support that comes through my hand held device from CROSSWALK that encourages me on a daily basis… I’ve cried I’ve rejoiced I’ve hoped I’ve believed… IF GOD IS FOR US WHO CAN BE AGAINST US… NO PLAGUE NO VIRUS 🦠 NO … Continue reading “Thankful and Grateful”

It’s okay to cry

My prayer is it’s okay to cry when I Cry i always think of something negative when I’m crying but really I’m crying for a good reason not a bad reason but I tend to tell myself I’m crying for a bad reason but I’m not I’m crying because God is working with my heart … Continue reading “It’s okay to cry”


Dear heavenly father. I pray to you o lord to forgive for us the distance from you we have become. And pray that you protect.from this evil that is upon us. And guide us through these dark times and bring us to the light. We pray for peace as the world fights through these bad … Continue reading “Rejoyce”


Lord Jesus Christ, thank you that you are my strength and my song, you fill my heart with joy. Your name is powerful. At your name, mountains shake and seas roar. At your name, creation sings with joy. At your name, demons flee. At your name, every knee will bow and every tongue confesses that … Continue reading “Blessings”

Prayers for many things

Prayers for my family and friends Salvation, Financial, Health, also a cure for the coronavirus that’s killing people. And finally Prayers for all who put their lives on the line, our President , First Lady nd family, Vice President, wife and their family and for the USA to stop dividing lines, to hate less and … Continue reading “Prayers for many things”

Heaven without me dying

Please pray for God to take me to heaven without me dying tonight. God and I know that I would have been fine with God taking me to heaven without me dying. I’m not going to bear with God not taking me to heaven without me dying tonight, so God better take me to heaven … Continue reading “Heaven without me dying”

My daughter

God.. Help me to understand why I can not see my daughter or my grandchildren. It appears that my daughter blames me for everything. She is now a Jehovah Witness and 10 years ago my husband passed away and now I have met someone else and she will not forgive me. Please let me understand … Continue reading “My daughter”

Heaven without me dying

Please pray for God to take me to heaven without me dying tonight. God shouldn’t have let it go on as long as he did with him not taking me to heaven without me dying. God could have taken me to heaven without me dying already. It’s my way or the highway, so God has … Continue reading “Heaven without me dying”

New start

Please pray for my son he is in the process of starting anew. He went today to take his driving test and I hope and pray he passes it on the first time. I want him to be inspired not only to pass the test but on moving away from the city to the country … Continue reading “New start”


I pray that God will keep me safe from Ernie warren bka joe lewis and when he’s doing wickiness he call himself something else.. but i pray that God will keep him off my trail now and forever and keep me safe from curtis tolbert bka ebow and his mother…altrae kemp, bernice wood-bain,,Josephine dukes-bland, ravon … Continue reading “protection”