Please pray for me to have courage to share God’s Word. I find it fearful to approach people and really need God to give the words to me . I need the Holy Spirit to give me the words to say. This weighs so much on my mind. Please pray for me.

Breakthrough in finances and in life

My Lord and my Savior I come to you to surrender everything to you. I need for you to intervene in my life’s circumstances! I know you are for me and I am victorious in you and through you. Bless my family and those whom we love and work with! In Jesus Name. Amen

Salvation prayer

I need prayer for be strong and not chicken to stand up for Jesus Christ our savior. Thank you for the prayer.


Dear Father who art in Heaven Hear my cries dear Lord. Answer my prayers. In Jesus name Amen 🙏🏽

Blessings come down

Lord thank for god for awake me up as today July 1 I asking for you send down bless our way in Jesus name all my financial be meet in the name of Jesus

I pray for direction

Heavenly father I thank you for the gift of life I pray that may you show us a sense of direction may you help us to believe more and more Inspire us father to be able to see your will on our lives and to show us focus and direction I ask this through Jesus … Continue reading “I pray for direction”

Comfort and hope

I have recently lost my mother and am losing my dream business. I am asking for guidance, hope prayers for others that are affected by my business closing.


Dear Father who art in Heaven Hear my cries dear Lord. Answer my prayers. In Jesus name Amen 🙏🏽

Draw me nearer Jesus

Lord, i want u to work on me and let me know u more, i want my spiritual life to growth more and more and surprise me in a miraculous way. Don’t let me lack, provide for me and give me more wisdom and understanding over my education. Any mark of failure in my life … Continue reading “Draw me nearer Jesus”

He knows my name

God, i’m stuck at the crossroads of life 52 never been married stuck in a career that allowed me to support my two children being a cosmetologist .I’m back in school trying to get my associates degree struggling with English, math I’m praying for a purpose and vision for my life .I am emotionally drained, … Continue reading “He knows my name”


I just start back to church after about 40 at the time i guess i forgot Jesus but i no he didn’t forget about me did feel i was going to long i miss the holy ghost feeling. I want it back Are do you no if you do have it.


Lord continue to bless me with your love.


Father thank you for watching over my daughter Julia as she travels thru the country, making her way as she goes, that she be safe and happy.

Be better

I’m a Pastor’s wife of a small but, beautiful cowboy church & feel as though I might not be enough! I have a very rough past! My husband is just the opposite of me! I need to help people better!

Trust in God

Dear Heavenly Father, please reach into my heart and remove all doubt. Please change me so that I have total trust and increased faith in you and your word. Regardless of how I “feel” let me always submit to you and your ways. I ask this in Jesus’ holy name Amen.

Cares, Worries, Life

I am asking for guidance of all my cares, worries, and everything going on in my life. Trying to know that God is first, and thru him all will work out. Things like prayers for the settlement of my husband after a semi hit his tractor almost four years ago, that we can settle this … Continue reading “Cares, Worries, Life”

Value and Worth

I could use some inspiration on how to continue forth with my marriage and life where I live, if this is God’s will. I need for my husband to know if he wants to be with me. I want to go on, but I need a redo, I need to know I’m doing what God … Continue reading “Value and Worth”


Praying that God keeps me motivated in his word. Don’t let society get me down. Try to stay lifted up in Jesus name.

Have Fun…enjoy life!

I keep my 97 year old mom and I love her dearly but my husband, daughter and myself have forgotten and can’t have fun and enjoy life because my mom ALWAYS need us. Between working and taking care of her we have no time for each other or ourselves. A lot of times I am … Continue reading “Have Fun…enjoy life!”


to be able to use God’s Word as a bandage and not a club as this devotional said. I am too quick to judge and not be compassionate with their situation. I need prayer to love people more and see them as Jesus sees them.


Thank you for this wonderfully worded prayer; I found so much peace and comfort reading this.


Please help pray for me to get fresh inspiration from God.

Healing and good health

My kids and I to get permanent residence in Australia and for good health and a stronger relationship with our almighty God.


To be a successful man and a philanthropist of international standard. I want to help and affect the lives of people positively especially via health care and helping with creating the basic necessities of life.

God’s voice

Hello, please pray for me to hear God’s voice and then for me to obey his word. Thank you.

God’s Intervention

Dear Abba, I know i belong to you. In Jesus name, Please hear and answer my prayers. I cant live life without your help and guidance.

Lord Jesus

Lord Jesus I ask your help for good valuation on Lot 1027 so that we can settle on it with the Bank in time. Thank you

Wisdom and understanding

Oh Lord inspire me with wisdom and understanding in my academic,career, spiritual life, relationship.

Total surrender and submission

Lord help me be completely surrendered to you, no longer trusting in myself but placing everything in your control. Help me overcome the fear of man and the the desire to be liked by everyone. Please forgive me and have mercy on me. In Jesus mighty name, Amen.

Talk on Forgiveness

I have been asked to speak at two conferences regards forgiveness one tomorrow and the other on the eve of Pentecost. Please pray that I will allow the Holy Spirit His way for these talks and let me be obedient to Him and time, but most of all that God’s people come into freedom through … Continue reading “Talk on Forgiveness”

Lord’s strength

Hear me lord give me strength today give me your power to over come these dark days help me lord Amen.


I want and need my bible wisdom & faith to become stronger. Thank you.

God’s guidance and courage

I pray to hear God’s voice, see his vision, and strength to follow him. I also pray for healing and protection for Elmer and Alvin, and Bruce. Thank you

More Blessings

I pray for Blessings for my family my father’s work, mother’s work, and my future to be a great aspiring musician.

My daughter Debbie

Please pray for Debbie so far away from home – let her remove the hatred and resentment she has in her heart and let her forgive. Help her to move on, let her remain safe and healthy and happy. Let her make the right decision to move to be with her sister and start a … Continue reading “My daughter Debbie”


Very effective in encouraging believers to be the “light” in the world!

Courage and perseverance

I am a therapist and have always struggled with anxiety myself. I am asking for prayer to continue the work I feel God has called me into with courage and perseverance, to rely on The Holy Spirit to work through me and never to rely on myself. I just want to do the work without … Continue reading “Courage and perseverance”


I wanna know what’s my purpose i wanna to know what God wants me to do for his people i need peace in my life and in my family life.

Help me help others

I pray for strength to help those that are lost and empty; those with little hope that they too can receive the benefits and happiness God showers down. Take away their umbrella and let the goodness and light of his blessings fall on them so that they may be lifted up and hear the word.


Thanks for beautiful, hopeful prayers with music. When you don’t have immediate words, these prayers help to steer thoughts onto right path.


Prayer for Anna that she does not suffer and when it is gods will he will take home with him. Amen 🙏

God’s Divine Intervention

Dear Abba, I know I belong to you. In Jesus name, please help me thru the medical test today. I humbly come to you for your assistance.


Thank you for your prayers. Kindly pray for me that God keeps doing what he is doing in my life i really appreciate what he is doing for me and my family and may God Bless the people praying for us on a daily basis God Bless your humble souls.

God’s Blessings

I pray that God will bless me and keep me from all harm. I love you Jesus, I praise you Jesus and I thank you for all the blessings you have given me. Now show me how to serve You! Amen

Knowledge and Wisdom

I have young friends which is so confused about things /ask me tonight what to do if it feels they pray to the ceiling and God does not hear I need wisdom and knowledge to give them the right answers and inspiration and help them God Bless