Please Pray For Andrew Ryan Duncan Wilbanks’s Traumatic Brain Injury And For My Heart Condition And For My Memories And For My Ability To Hold Onto Them Successfully And For My Mother’s Kandace Marie Solorio Wilbanks’s Multiple Personalities/Identities/Heal Her Cancer/Her Successful Exorcism/Heal Her Past Childhood Wounds And For My Mother’s Kandace Marie Solorio Wilbanks’s With … Continue reading “Protection”

A prayer for a Pastor

Loving Father, we are so grateful for all your provisions. As we are waiting to hear your voice of direction, we are thankful for Pastor Kristine and others who are filling our pulpit. We place all our trust in you. As we interview candidates, keep our hearts and minds focused on you and your glory, … Continue reading “A prayer for a Pastor”


My son, Matthew has hit and all time low (depression) please pray for his motivation to move forward in whatever direction that brings him self love acceptance. Thank you and many blessings. His Mom

Incarcerated but not forgotten

Dear God I pray today that you may give hope and help all the people that find themselves in prison . May your light guide them and protect them Lord Please provide the strength to endure and show them your love and mercy oh Heavenly Father in Jesus name Amen

Prayer Poem For Enemies

Lord, they don’t know You, but we do. We know what Your soul went through to win their hearts; to change their lives, to give them hope and peace and love. May we demonstrate that love trumps hate, that fear can’t stand in the face of love. Increase our faith, O Lord, we pray, that … Continue reading “Prayer Poem For Enemies”

In need

The Lord I been realationship for many years,been abuse verbal, emotional, physical,n the man I been involved with has gotten very sick organs felling n he says the devil is his God n he just know after 22 yrs decided to fix his has.he leaves every morning n don’t come back til nite he has … Continue reading “In need”

A closer walk with God

Abba Father when we have you we have all we need To believe and trust in your word & your son JESUS is the answer to all our prayers Faith and Love is the key to open every closed door for God is love and he always keeps his promises Believing Loving and keeping the … Continue reading “A closer walk with God”


Dear Heaven Father,Lord Jesus ND the Holy Spirit????Thank you for all you do and the gifts you give e.Please forgive ALL my sins!!!! I need helpbelieving and stop the devils interfering and suggestions.I do believe in God and Jesus resurrection but I’m weak when it comes to everyday problems along with other things.I try to … Continue reading “Faith”

To my son

Son, your Sr year and you have your biggest Game tonight on the mound in front of family, friends and your team. I pray that God, Steven, Granma, Pappa give the courage and fortitude to see through any hard time on the mound, be strong mentally and for GOD to provide you ONLY the ability … Continue reading “To my son”

Positive Change

I am seeking a positive change. A discipline that I can visualize in my mind but for some reason my actions have failed to match. I pray for the willpower to make permanent positive changes in my life. I pray I put all this workout equipment to good use. I pray I am able to … Continue reading “Positive Change”

Prayer Message Today

Let us pray of this prayer to be this day… “I pray to God that I honestly and earnestly in my heart, strive to practice and apply my love of God’s love and HIS ‘principles of life’ …in my own life. And knowing I have been given the instructions and a design of how I … Continue reading “Prayer Message Today”

Breaking of Generational Curse

Heavenly Father, I pray today for every generational curses from my paternal and maternal family be broken now in the Sovereign name of Jesus. Old habits such as borrowing, debts, retrogression, and negative testimonies that my fore parents suffered be broken away from my existing in the mighty name of Jesus. I refuse to suffer … Continue reading “Breaking of Generational Curse”

The Day of Trust

Dear Heavenly Father,Lord Jesus and Holy Ghost.First I want to THANK YOU for all my miracles and blessing you always give me.I BEG of you now to give me all the TRUST AND MORE to do as you want me to do.I need all the TRUST,courage,knowledge,wisdom,love and all your other gifts!!!! The storm I’m facing … Continue reading “The Day of Trust”

For my Grandson Deuce

Pray that Duece make the best decision for his future! Not so much about moving so close to home, but making the transfer from Post School in Jan. a positive decision concerning his education. To move home to Md. which would allow his body to heal as He plan to enter Bowie State the next … Continue reading “For my Grandson Deuce”

Standing in the need of guidance, for physical, mental and most over anything spiritual guidance

That I would learn how to walk striving to be perfect as God has commanded his people depriving self first forgiving and trusting and just delivering God’s word like I know that he’s called me to do but struggling just between day to day living and knowing that he is my provider and not just … Continue reading “Standing in the need of guidance, for physical, mental and most over anything spiritual guidance”


Father I come to you once again, father God I ask for forgiveness for my sins and Lord I’m asking u today to order my steps I ask that u protect me and my love ones especially my children and my nephew and grandbaby. Father I need u to help me sustain the rest of … Continue reading “Blessings”

Sharing my Faith

Heavenly Father, I pray that I share with m friends today on social media how God and studying His word has changed my life. I am newly saved, it has been about three years and I have been studying the word of God with the help of pastors seriously for a year now. We are … Continue reading “Sharing my Faith”

A daughter anxiety

my daughter has a new employer for the last few months, it’s a very big company, very disorganized, a lot of egos, a lot of impatience and no training. my daughter wants to do a good job and give 150% but no matter what she does, she’s criticized and is corrected she’s had jobs before … Continue reading “A daughter anxiety”

healing my negative mind

I feel I’m a really nasty person, towards everyone, I pray hard for GOD to forgive me, and take away my heart of stone, and restore it with love and compassion for others, espeacilly my daughter. Please pray for me to be a good person.I have just been told by my GP I have a … Continue reading “healing my negative mind”

Forward boldly!!!

Think, talk, walk, smell, perform, learn boldness for God; by facing strongholds, that I think have me a couch potato. Show the enemies that there is a God, n I can resist their continue over 10 years of satan negative behaviors, tactics, insults, n etc. Resist their tactics in my entire live living breathe dash … Continue reading “Forward boldly!!!”


Prayer for faith and trust in the Lord. To know that He is in control and I have but to listen to/for Him. That He loves and cares for me in spite of my sins and faults. I ask for the strength and faith of David; the wisdom of Solomon. That the remainder of the … Continue reading “Faith”

A prayer against fear

Dear God, your grace is sufficient and I thank you for continuously affording this gift to me. Lord when my heart is troubled and I become fearful, help me to stay grounded in you. Lord your word says that fear hath torment, and indeed you are the only one capable of replacing fear with peace. … Continue reading “A prayer against fear”

Show, and Grow Me.

Lord thank you for your guidance and shaking, thank you for never letting me Fall prey to the tricks of the enemy. And Ty for Your Support and love, encouragement and love. I really know when you’re leading and GUIDING my heart mind body and spirit. What I am lacking is the discernment and timing. … Continue reading “Show, and Grow Me.”

Hold my hand

my Jesus ,thank you for holding my hand and walking with me this day and everyday. You are always by my side and I am smiling now thinking of that . I am blessed and loved I am blessed and loved Walk with me today

Achieving Goals

I pray for hope and the strength to succeed with my talents, to have an illustrious career and the continued support from family and friends.


Please pray for me to always remain humble and steadfast in praying for others. Never let me become discouraged or grow weary. Help me to always encourage others to get to know my lord and savior for he is the way to a full and blessed life. Amen.

Drifting Far Away

I need help from drifting away from God, I have started reading the word more but I still feel nothing I need patience and I don’t have it

Holy spirit fill my heart

Holy spirit fill my heart and help me to do the will of God always. In Jesus name.Lord make me to be fruitful both spiritually and physically.This is my 11th year in marriage without a child.


I am in ministry also a caregiver fir my husband .praying for encouragement as i.lress jn in.orayer for my husband. Also against the feeling of rejection and also for my family as we have have several family members. To go home to the lord .also for my daughter and granddaughter as they are seeking permanent … Continue reading “Agreement”


I’ve been praying daily, several times per day asking the lord for helping me strengthen myself. I’m losing and I’m getting older and I have no will for life nor do I know what I’m here on earth for? Pray for me please. I need help.

Pray for Strengh

My daughter has been through the ringer. Bad friends , bullying, her best friend since childhood died. She has had something bad it’s my daughter Madysen. All at the same time holding onto good grades, never making excuses and just kept going day in and out . Please pray that the team she is on … Continue reading “Pray for Strengh”

Vindicate me and prosper me, Lord

Please vindicate me Lord. Powers and principalities operating through people here in Australia have maligned and slandered me beyond recognition by belittling me with false accusation, and the usage of condemnatory tactics. I am moving onwards with you, Lord Jesus, and I pray that I move upwards in prosperity to be a blessing to others.