I want God’s inspiration and intervention in my entire life. I need peace,love,happiness, money,wisdom. I need healing health wise and my broken relationship. I need God’s presence in my life everyday in Jesus name..Amen

Liberty in The Spirit

For boldness to pray and witness to others publicly, for God to take away all fear and shyness from me, to strengthen my faith and help me to grow spiritually, to know my calling in the body of Christ, for wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the word, for a closer relationship with Christ🙏🏾

I need blessings

Father God you bless me with so much but I only have my aging mother that’s in a nursing home and one so who recently moved out and our relationship is on shaky terms. Any friends I used to have I had to free my self from because they were not where I was in … Continue reading “I need blessings”


Dear Lord Jesus we ask You to Bless our Brother Heinz with a Few Independent Christian Gospel Recording labels to Hire him off of LinkedIn to Write Some Songs that would Bring Glory to Your Name First An Bless him with a Lovely Tall German American Christian Wife to walk His Career and Life with … Continue reading “Grace”


I pls just pray for me that I grow in faith and also pray that the Lord shows me a sign of a dream and pls pray f or my whole family that we stay strong in faith and fear not I am ten I sing in church read the bible love God and Jesus … Continue reading “Faith”


As children of God we need prayer every day to take us through out our daily lives . Today am asking for prayers for strength in my weak arears protection, to be more humble,to listen to the voice of God, spent more time reading and meditate on him and lastly prayes for my family and … Continue reading “General”


I just need prayers for getting closer to GOD. HE has blessed me beyond my thinking. I also need prayers for both of my sons. One for marriage ( understanding, communication, trust, for GOD to be in their marriage. My second son and girlfriend dedication to GOD. Help them understand that time is running out


lord please hear my prayers for me and my children physically emotionally financially employment and legal. Please help me get over George let him go quit dwelling on him get him out of my life heart mind and soul write him out of our lives as he did us. Stop his abuse torment lies deceit … Continue reading “encourage”


Dear Heavenly Father, Please my family and friends as we in the chaotic world right now. Bless my son that’s in college and daughter as she proceeds to the 6th grade. And guide me through my journey of Nursing school as I go through trails and errors of my life, help me remind focus in … Continue reading “Guidance”

Strength and wisdom

Dear Lord I ask that the Holy Spirit gives us wisdom and strength. Grant us your power to see through all the lies. Please stop the violence and hatred. Help us to stand together and shine the light upon us. I pray Lord that we can open our eyes to fight the darkness upon us. … Continue reading “Strength and wisdom”

friends and wisdom

Dear God help me to be an inspirsyoon to others so they will want what i have with yiu. Help me to come closer to you through you through your word. Help me eant that hunger. Please help my friend Terry with his cancer a d thst tumor shrink so he can have the whipple … Continue reading “friends and wisdom”


I would like prayer for my wife to be lead to the Lord that God get someone across her path that she will listen to and that he reveal himself to her and open her eyes that she be saved, baptized, and filled with the spirit of God and then that the works of Satan … Continue reading “Salvation”

Power to victorious

Father pls visit my foundation Father let’s your mercy speak for me Father arise and scatter all my enemy Father let your be done in my life Father use me for your work I want to win show for you Father pls give me joy Pls daddy send your spirit to me to sent me … Continue reading “Power to victorious”


Please pray for my son Josh, myself Patty, Bernice and the rest of my family for protection from attacks from the enemy.That God would watch over us as we move forward in our life to do the right thing as a Christian. We ask for prayers to cover us as we go out into this … Continue reading “Family”

My son

I ask for prayers for my son who is a recovering addict and is now facing legal issues due to his addiction and he is also in the middle of a custody battle with the mother of his children who is trying to keep them from him. Please pray for strength and confidence to continue … Continue reading “My son”

The Lord is My Salvation.

Good Afternoon My Prayer Family..😁🙏💝…Our Lord and Savior is sooo Great, so lets give him the Glory. He makes all great things possible, he woke us up today, so we may do his will..and with that its a blessing that he has mercy for me (us)…he guides me into a path of love, strength and … Continue reading “The Lord is My Salvation.”

God make miracles Rizza Ponce Bunner gets home to me now tomorrow at 1319 Deerpark Apartment 204 Fullerton Ca

God I hope all the Rizzas have Nurse Cathy and Nurse Uni and Nurse Uni Nurse Umi and Nurse Bridle come back to Rizza and they can trust and are together far Uncover from from any hazards and have brother Collin and brother Mark and brother they can trust and have there back God make … Continue reading “God make miracles Rizza Ponce Bunner gets home to me now tomorrow at 1319 Deerpark Apartment 204 Fullerton Ca”

Tune into the Spirit

Dear Father, I give thanks for all that You have provided for me over the years. I come to You to seek Your strength in staying in tune with the Spirit. Guide me along my journey as I strive to become a better person and more Christlike. I pray for my fellow brothers and sisters … Continue reading “Tune into the Spirit”

Sin and Healing

Heavenly Father I thank you so much for opening my ears to hear you this weekend on Sin and Healing. Lord please help me to keep my eyes fixed on you as I walk the rest of my Journey in this world. Let your will be done. In Jesus Name I Pray Amen.

Needing Direction

We have been attending a church that my wife and I both love. However, the lead pastor has shared that he believes significantly differently than we do regarding eschatology. This troubles me because I believe this difference may be affecting both his preaching and ministry. Since the coronavirus has struck I have been attending another … Continue reading “Needing Direction”

All Breakthrough

Employment, prosperity,financial breakrgrouth, healings, children to have excellent spirit to excell. Peace of mind, miracles, strength, undeniable favour, all round protections and mecry. All round breakthrough,forgiveness, gifting and skills , progress, succesful mariage, more of God, wisdom and understanding. Revelation and decerning spirit. Amen

Prayer of release

Good morning brothers and sisters in Christ. Since a child the devil has kept me paralyzed by fear and discouragement. I’ve never believed in my self to be successful and to live past poverty. He has controlled my way of thinking for so long, that now that I have a vision of being free I … Continue reading “Prayer of release”


I pray that God leads me in the right direction away from anything that is not like him. and help me to stop being lazy and pray everyday . for strength and focus , being a better person and father to my kids. to be confident in myself and my faith. be patience

Open my eyes

I am often optimistic about the Lord I believe in but then I have these thoughts did he create us or where did we come from please help me to open my eyes and heart so I know I have really no one to reach out to thank you God bless

GOD’s protection!

Please watch over my home and family/friends. Every time it storms , I have had home and tree damage. Plus, my home loses power for several days. Sometimes I feel I am being tested on how much I can take. I ask that GOD watches over myself, family and friends who have as much problems … Continue reading “GOD’s protection!”

Almighty Lord

Lord I thank you for all the blessings you have given to me and my family. I am so sorry for all the horrible things I have done to my family,friends, and especially to you. Please offer guidance, strenght,protection, and wisdom to all the covid frontliners and covid patients, the government, especially the protesters. Please … Continue reading “Almighty Lord”

Devine connection

I am asking God to connect me in my vicinity to believers who have completely and consistently decided to serve God in Truth and Spirit. Those who are bold without fear or shame declare the Lord’s supremacy. Who do not follow or are swayed by the crowd but follow that rugged Part that leads to … Continue reading “Devine connection”


Jesús i ask of you yo heal my heart mind and soul. My husband and my children. I ask to be closer to you father god. For i seem to not know how to pray to you. I know your here lord but i feel lost. I need to here or see lord father that … Continue reading “encouragement”

Lord I need you

Dear father, I am so tired, alone, scared, and anxious. You tell me these things are not of you but of the enemy. I pray to rely solely on you. To forget the things of this world and know that they are only temporary. That the pains of heartache, broken relationships, loss of people I … Continue reading “Lord I need you”

Thank you for your prayers

Dear Friends, today I only wanted to say THANK YOU for all the prayers you did for my Mom Ana Calderon Fabres, my Cousin Katherine Castaner Calderon and Nephew Fernando Flores Castaner, thank you so much, my family is out of covid 19 and they feel better, thanks to your prayer and our Lord Jesus … Continue reading “Thank you for your prayers”


I come today asking for prayer,for myself kids and fiance. It’s a daily battle and I stand strong but my body hurting and aching. I just pray for strength to help heal me,and for my sons to stay focus and to become whom God called them to be.And for my fiance who locked up,that he … Continue reading “Strength”

Holy Spirit

Oh Holy Spirit , soul of my soul, I adore you, guide me strengthen me, console me, tell me what to do , give me thy order and I promise to submit to whatever you desire for me and to accept everything you allow for me to happen, let me only know thy will..

Super Natural Favour

God to uphold me till the end and help me continue Abide HIM for the rest of my life Abundant Grace of God for me and family God Wisdom knowledge and understanding of HIS words should be granted to me in order to go out Win Soul for God All Good promises for myself should … Continue reading “Super Natural Favour”

Hi sorry Will

That I accept what will come with dignity, grace and courage, that those I have hurt by my conduct remain safe, and most of all that regardless of my needs and desires, that His will be done.


Praying for confidence in singing before a large crowd. Stronger relationship with the Father.


Need the right words to convey the truth of spiritual assistance.


Please pray for me. My strength and gods presence