My Christian Family

For myself & those with me, as we embark on a 16 day preaching mission to Africa.

Faith and Hope

Jesus Jesus- thank you for your continuous Grace and Mercy, please forgive me for my sins seen and unseen. Lord, I come to you at this time to petition the faith and hope of all of your children. We need you more than we ever needed you before. Bless our leaders; help them to have … Continue reading “Faith and Hope”


LORD, I Am Asking For Continuous Flow Of Blessings In All Areas Of My Life Discernment To Know What You Are Telling Me By The Holy spirit!

For Veronica who has lost her way

Veronica is my Granddaughter 28 years of age and is in depression. She was a bright positive person and is now “living in the now” Please pray for her. Thanks

Faith, Hope and Love

I pray that God would provide me with Faith, Hope and Love throughout 2019 to share with others his will.


I need the wisdom to understand the word of God, His work and wisdom to deal with people.

Holy Spirit

I want God to grant me His Spirit to be a witness for Him.

New journey

Hello. I am new to this and find it hard to know where to start and where to go. Money in my family is tight and we are moving I am hoping in the name of the lord cause of its nature. Stress is high and emotions are as well. Please pray that we can … Continue reading “New journey”


Lord, please inspire me again and I will be able to make you happy. I’m sorry I forgot to ask you what I was doing when I was going through harder times. Please give me strengths and inspiration for my life’s work. I’ll be sure to bring my kids food and a place to eat. … Continue reading “Stress”


Prayers for my parents who 94 and 93 my dad suffers from diabetes, dementia, cancer survivor as well as my mother and may everyone have a wonderful Christmas.

To know God

To know God and to be served since I sinned too much to have a better life and dignity, to have a husband and I’m praying for my kids to know God Shayne and Dyandra.

Prayer for Wisdom

Dear Lord, I come before you and ask that you forgive me of my sins. I come to you asking with faith, that you will give me wisdom, to guide my daughter, Alana. She is a gift from you. Please help me to set a godly example for her to follow. Also, I ask that … Continue reading “Prayer for Wisdom”

Teach Me How To Pray

Dear Lord Please guide me as I learn from You. Help me in my struggle of reading your word and praying so that I may please You. Help me to understand what I am reading in your word. Thank You for all Your Blessings.


Please pray for my family. The one year anniversary of our mom’s death is fast approaching and we are having a difficult time. Pray for God strength during this season of our lives. Thank you


Dear Lord, Please grant me peace and protection at work, as the environment can be stressful and demeaning. Only you, Jesus, can change hearts. I pray for your peace and strength to face the battles I encounter daily. In Jesus name. Amen


I love God and I thank him for all that he had done for next.

God Will and Power

Gods will for my preaching Ministry of his holy word. I want to receive all the gifts that the Holy Ghost will give me. Thank you for praying with me. Amen

What does it mean to serve God or die

This is really not a prayer it really helps to understand what does it mean to serve God or die I had this dream a while back and I still don’t understand why I have to die?

Complete Unity in Yahweh

Please pray for my household, my friends and family, and colleagues that I work with. Please pray for our healing, (spiritually, mentally and physically), pray for our finances and the peace of our Lord on our daily lives through every storm, pray for our strength through the joy of our Lord and pray that we … Continue reading “Complete Unity in Yahweh”


Praying God will turn my life around and break bad habits. Remove old neg friends

My church was in a revival

My church was in a revival, that had lasted thirty weeks. Which is a considerably long time for a revival. I had seen so many wonderful things and I’ve met so so so many wonderful people who are my brothers and sisters through Christ. I live in a small town called Greeneville, Tennessee and the … Continue reading “My church was in a revival”

Prayer of gratitude

Dear God, Let me always be present in your presence. I am blessed as your child. As you know every blade of grass, so it is that you know my soul. As your Beloved only Son died for our sins, so it is that my Soul is filled to overflowing with gratitude. Thy Will be … Continue reading “Prayer of gratitude”

Prayers to relieve anxiety

Please pray for me while I suffer from anxiety and overwhelming feelings that come upon me. I need strength and patience thru this. My stomach is tied in knots and I overthink too much. Please pray the holy spirit to come to me asap. Thank you

Peace of mind

I have been going through a lot of turmoil at my job, because, I am a Christian!! I am being ridiculed, and mistreated, I am praying, that God remove me from this place, and move some where, where I can mentor and share God’s grace. Thank you


I bave been sad for somedays now and i need encouragement to help me survive each and everyday Thanks and god bless


Pray that my house gets done for my dad.


I’m asking for prayer for anxiety and marriage issues. Please pray for my family to come closer to God and for my anxiety to stop. Amen

College Class

Lord give me the strength to pass these classes all five of them and work hard please give me faith and confidence. And work hard again

Fears and anxiety

St Jude, I pray that you may assist my daughter with her fears and anxiety of failure and give her the inspiration and voice to complete her thesis. Inspire her to release her negativity and achieve what she has worked so hard for. Pray for us St Jude. Amen

Peace and Healing

Please Jesus Christ, the Almighty Lord and Saviour– I pray for peace and healing for me and my family to help us get thru the tragic and untimely death of my little sister and brother. We need you Jesus! Amen

Hope for every day

I pray for the strength of everyday struggles when it comes to addiction I pray for the strength that I am going to give the girls in my inspirational I am meetings and I pray that everyday I can just wake up and know that God has a greater plan then I realize thank you

My family

Pray for my family jobs (daughter, husband & my) promotions & better pay. Detrone a spirit of isolation, tighting up, false gossip. God’s protetion, love, guidance, and peace. It’s hard to give a title -general. Thank you. Blessings!

Keep Me Strong In You

If my faith is challenged, give me courage to stand for You, no matter what the consequences. I want to learn, Lord. I am eager to unwrap the gifts You have given me. With each new skill I acquire, help me to apply that learning to real life as well. Let knowledge, understanding, and common … Continue reading “Keep Me Strong In You”

Divine visitation

I pray for divine visitation,opening of my spiritual eyes and ears to hear form God.

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel Keep Watch Around Me While I Sleep Beneath the Shelter of Your Wings, Save Me From the Hurtful Things. Evil Spirits Drive Away From This Cold Heart of Mine That I May Rise At the Break of Day With Praise to God Redeeming The Time. Amen.

My house

Please lord i need your help so I can be able to go to church on Sunday and stop sitting on Sunday let some body volunteer come in and work cause I want to go to church start back serving god like I suppose to.

Thank you

Dear heavenly Father, We thank you for this new brighter day, Thank you for the Gift of Life, you have given us. Thank you for all the great things you have given us in life. Please guide and protect us. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, we pray Amen.