I am asking for help with a stronger clarity on my direction with my faith and servant ness. As I struggle with not knowing always what I should be doing . I serve at my church weekly which I love doing but I wonder should I be doing more?? How can I do more and … Continue reading “Direction”

Help me

I pray for my breakthrough, just having a divorce my finances have gotten out of control. I need the Bill’s played off, I need guidance on where to move, where to go to college, what degree to get, help my son Isaiah, he is very disobedient now. Help my daughter in school. I just want … Continue reading “Help me”

Career Opportunitiy

Lord, I just come to you know to ask that you help me achieve this position in the Health program. It has always been my dream to become a doctor os Lord, if it is in Your timing that I participate in this course, I pray that I am considered for this role. I pray … Continue reading “Career Opportunitiy”

Thank YOU Lord

Thank YOU, Father, for your promise to never leave or forsake me. Lord I put my full trust in you. Please surround my home, my family, and my relationships. Please help me to be a brighter beacon of light for you, in this dark world. Amen.

Pain in my soul

The toughest warfare for me consist of mother’s day. Every year my heart, mind and soul listen to God’s intructions to lavish women on that day with service being rendered through scripture, & songs that minister 2 the heart in order to break the brokenness to receive his strength through there soul. Afterwards I give … Continue reading “Pain in my soul”

Spiritual prayer

I need help, I be came an ordained pastor 3 years ago and ever since I have been fighting demons and I actually don’t know vision or dream I was fighting with the devil three times and I want and now I’m being attacked again very bad I have lost everything my wife she’s not … Continue reading “Spiritual prayer”

Pray for me

I am asking for prayers. When I first became a Christian the power was strong and I was so wrapped up in God’s love it was just amazing. Now years later although I still feel Jesus with me I feel like I have to hang on for dear life sometimes. I need to feel Jesus … Continue reading “Pray for me”

Awaken to my purpose

I want to walk in my purpose but I don’t know what it is or what I suppose to be doing.

Finding an apartment

Please pray my family finds new housing we are facing eviction and really need a place to live soon.

Pray for Me

Pray for my finances, children, grandchildren, and job.

Final exam prayer

May the Good Lord be with me during my exams. May he help me to recall all that I have learned from the beginning of the year.

Prayers for Haley

Please pray for Haley😍❤️Please pray for Haley😍❤️ to learn how to study in college in order so she starts to pass her classes. She is full of anxiety and despair and is having quite a lot of trouble focusing and retaining the information she is being given! Please pray that she passes her exams and … Continue reading “Prayers for Haley”

Psalms 27:10

My prayer request is for my exams tomorrow morning. I have seen the benefits of prayer and not praying before I go into my exam. I pray God will give me peace of mind as well as a sound mind. I pray he will give me wisdom and bring everything I need back to rememberance. … Continue reading “Psalms 27:10”

Need prayer

Basically all over YouTube I been seeing people set rapture dates and I’m not ready to for it to happen soon please pray for me. I accepted Jesus into my heart when I was 6 but I’m just not ready for heaven and I need help me my life with God. So please pray for … Continue reading “Need prayer”

Filled with the love of God

I pray for the fullness of Gods love to be poured out my heart. To love people as he does. A much greater burden for the lost all around me.

God Answers Prayers

Please know that God answers all prayers no matter how small. We need to have faith and hope especially in these troubling times. These prayers have gotten me through many difficulties, even when all seems lost. Dear Heart of Jesus, in the past I have asked for many favors, this time I ask you for … Continue reading “God Answers Prayers”

Health and family

Lord I need you to strength me because I am weak,and for my family to become closer together my health but most of all I want to become closer to you Lord.

For everything to be excellent

For my mom to give me my bankcard back. she took it away she said she was registering it online she wasn’t that was a lie she was saying. I would like her to return it to me today.

God’s favor

Praying for favor being a better provider for my wife to God be the glory.

The Lord’s will

God’s will whether I should get a different apartment with a roommate. Also getting in my mind the word “boyfriend” & s picture of a man stranding in a field with a book – the Bible – mediating on the Bible. Not sure what all this means. Please pray for clarity. Thank you

New home

I’m praying for a divine closing on my new home in September and for my son & daughter in Jesus name, amen

For missing girl in Malaysia

St Joseph and st Anthony please give inspiration to those searching for that poor child in Malaysia so that she will be found safe and sound. Please look after her family and give them strength at this very difficult time.

Please Help Me

Dear Lord, You know how much struggling I have been through. I am still struggling. I believe that you don’t give us more than we can handle but I beg you to please step in and help me find the right peaceful, safe, loving place to call home. I don’t think I can handle much … Continue reading “Please Help Me”

Spiritual Awakening

I need personal spiritual healing. I am dry spiritual. I love the Lord but after retiring To take care of my very ill mother who has now passed on, I find myself in an unfamiliar place and am finding it difficult to pray and stay close to God. My daughter and her husband are in … Continue reading “Spiritual Awakening”

One year anniversary of Brother’s death

Please pray for our family as July 28 Marks one year of the death Barry Elledge. Also pray for our mother 86 health to be blessed. Dementa etc she missies her son Barry so. Very much. His wife and daughters are hurting. Thank you


Lord, Please help me to discern what You want me to do with my life. Let me do your will. I also humbly request health and happiness for my friends and family. In Jesus name. amen.

Prayer for healing

Good morning. I would like prayer for my sickness of Multiple Sclerosis and my elderly mothers health. I pray also for an upcoming court hearing on August 30, 2019. Thank you, Grace & Peace.


Please pray for me to have courage to share God’s Word. I find it fearful to approach people and really need God to give the words to me . I need the Holy Spirit to give me the words to say. This weighs so much on my mind. Please pray for me.

Breakthrough in finances and in life

My Lord and my Savior I come to you to surrender everything to you. I need for you to intervene in my life’s circumstances! I know you are for me and I am victorious in you and through you. Bless my family and those whom we love and work with! In Jesus Name. Amen

Salvation prayer

I need prayer for be strong and not chicken to stand up for Jesus Christ our savior. Thank you for the prayer.


Dear Father who art in Heaven Hear my cries dear Lord. Answer my prayers. In Jesus name Amen 🙏🏽

Blessings come down

Lord thank for god for awake me up as today July 1 I asking for you send down bless our way in Jesus name all my financial be meet in the name of Jesus

I pray for direction

Heavenly father I thank you for the gift of life I pray that may you show us a sense of direction may you help us to believe more and more Inspire us father to be able to see your will on our lives and to show us focus and direction I ask this through Jesus … Continue reading “I pray for direction”