Don’t live with anger

I hope my heart will be at peace and leave all the anger in the past start a new beginning everyday.

Prayer for my wife n children n finances

Please pray marriage that would with my wife n children soon. Waiting for immigration to give us go wives health(concern over ovaries) Has PCOS. Went through ultrasound. I’m in Canada n She n kids in Dominica. It very hard for us. Please pray.

Please pray for me

Dear all, Thank you so much for praying for me. I am currently staying with family as real estate prices have sky rocketed where I live and am a freelancer in my current position which doesn’t make me a great candidate for a mortgage. I am praying for my own place very very soon. As … Continue reading “Please pray for me”


Please pray for me for guidance.

Asking for wisdom and discrimemen

I’m asking God to transform my lifestyle, process me, mode me, wisdom, understanding, sharpen my mind, and good Healthy lifestyle. I want God to use me as a true vessel and makes a great difference in someone life. I’m in my Nursing profession I need understanding, wisdom and divine knowledge in school.

Prayer for a better paying job

I’ve been working a supervisor position for a year now. Although I love my job do it well they want me to settle as a lead and train a supervisor what I know with no advancement to grow with the company


Please guide me lord with wisdom peace and provision for my family. The right jobs for our business and the right people in our life to serve and be a blessing to.

Step forward

Lord help to look ahead in life with You at the front of my thought life. Help me not to look at the past but focus on what is ahead. Give me passion to begin everyday with your Word and to pray specifically for others here. Together in You Lord we walk shoulder to shoulder … Continue reading “Step forward”

God’s Divine Intervention

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Please pray for my good friends mom. She is very sick in the hospital and needs god’s assistance. Please also,please pray for my husband,he has a job interview tomorrow and needs God’s mercy to open this employment for for him.

The Prayer of Jabez

Prayers for my self and daughter that God will intervene on our behalf against the enemy and prosper us in him in Jesus Name. No weapon formed against us shall prosper.

Change in behaviour

I pray that I become a better person, I want to change my bad behavior of coming late to work, interrupting others when they talk, shouting, snapping at others, being short-tempered, treat people with courtesy as I want them to do it to me also, do away with giving up easily, people don’t take me … Continue reading “Change in behaviour”

God’s Divine Intervention

Dear Abba, Please give me the knowledge To Help my husband gets his dream job. Please god don’t make him wait any longer.

Having Faith

To keep my spirits lifted and to have a stronger relationship with God.


Please pray that I get the job that only God desires for me to have, and that I Enjoy going to work, & that I am the employee that HE would have for me to be and make the money that covers all my responsibilities and can save for a rainy day, In Jesus name … Continue reading “Employment”

Spiritual Growth

God our Heavenly Father, you are a great God that has done so much for his children. God, please continue to shower me, my fiance Carissa, my three boys, family and friends with your wisdom, your love, and the Holy Spirit. Help me continue to grow with you and do things in your image. Help … Continue reading “Spiritual Growth”

Thank you!!

Almighty God, thank you for your healing power, your love, your peace, your faithfulness, your mercy, your grace, your ever loving presence in my life. Continue to fix anything in me that needs fixed & forgive me of all my sins. I’m Jesus name, amen & alleluia!!!

A prayer for comfort

Father God, You know I need your blessing upon my life. This Sunday, I woke up and because I was caught up in something very important I did not go to church. I watched the service on TV., but I don’t feel the same as when I go to church to go to church. It’s … Continue reading “A prayer for comfort”

Guidance and trust for the future

I have so much going on. I need. God’s guidance and direction. I need His help so I turn this mess around. I know I can’t do it without God.

Prayer for my daughter

That loan modifications of her house will be approved, there will be a resolution with her ex husband that he will be saved and his new wife.

Strength and overcoming Negativity

Pray that God will continue to send the Holy Spirit to lead and guide me in a cruel world. To overcome evil against the wicked and negative adversaries. Bless grand daughter in School and unemployed daughter. unlike federal employees, she has gone through the shutdown, the last 5 years.


Please pray that Father will help me to overcome all my debts. At present over in debts. My son getting married need to be able to provide.


Please provide me the guidance to be able to find employment. Please remove the people in my life that doesn’t mean me will. Continue to pray for me and my family. Please pray that God will provide me with a sincere life partner. The man that l have met are the right choices for me. … Continue reading “Strength”

Blessings of the Holy Spirit

Please pray God will be me and my family Blessing of the Holy spirit wisdom confidence and a livelihood Children who do not have faith and belief will be able to believe and will be blessed they will able to do well in their studies.

My Christian Family

For myself & those with me, as we embark on a 16 day preaching mission to Africa.

Faith and Hope

Jesus Jesus- thank you for your continuous Grace and Mercy, please forgive me for my sins seen and unseen. Lord, I come to you at this time to petition the faith and hope of all of your children. We need you more than we ever needed you before. Bless our leaders; help them to have … Continue reading “Faith and Hope”


LORD, I Am Asking For Continuous Flow Of Blessings In All Areas Of My Life Discernment To Know What You Are Telling Me By The Holy spirit!

For Veronica who has lost her way

Veronica is my Granddaughter 28 years of age and is in depression. She was a bright positive person and is now “living in the now” Please pray for her. Thanks

Faith, Hope and Love

I pray that God would provide me with Faith, Hope and Love throughout 2019 to share with others his will.


I need the wisdom to understand the word of God, His work and wisdom to deal with people.

Holy Spirit

I want God to grant me His Spirit to be a witness for Him.

New journey

Hello. I am new to this and find it hard to know where to start and where to go. Money in my family is tight and we are moving I am hoping in the name of the lord cause of its nature. Stress is high and emotions are as well. Please pray that we can … Continue reading “New journey”


Lord, please inspire me again and I will be able to make you happy. I’m sorry I forgot to ask you what I was doing when I was going through harder times. Please give me strengths and inspiration for my life’s work. I’ll be sure to bring my kids food and a place to eat. … Continue reading “Stress”


Prayers for my parents who 94 and 93 my dad suffers from diabetes, dementia, cancer survivor as well as my mother and may everyone have a wonderful Christmas.

To know God

To know God and to be served since I sinned too much to have a better life and dignity, to have a husband and I’m praying for my kids to know God Shayne and Dyandra.

Prayer for Wisdom

Dear Lord, I come before you and ask that you forgive me of my sins. I come to you asking with faith, that you will give me wisdom, to guide my daughter, Alana. She is a gift from you. Please help me to set a godly example for her to follow. Also, I ask that … Continue reading “Prayer for Wisdom”

Teach Me How To Pray

Dear Lord Please guide me as I learn from You. Help me in my struggle of reading your word and praying so that I may please You. Help me to understand what I am reading in your word. Thank You for all Your Blessings.