in need of employment

As a recent graduate I got a job in a local company and all was going well until I was laid off. My life was perfect. I had just gotten married, we both had jobs and we were discussing buying a house and having children.

Now I am sitting with no job, no income, relying heavily on my wifes income to feed us an keep a roof over our heads. We have a baby on the way and are so looking forward to the day that we bring new life into the world.

But wht am I going to do without a job. I cant support my wife, my family, I cant keep a roof over our heads nor can I put food on the table. Most holy st Jude please take my request, place it in your heart so that it no longer is a request from me but a request from you.

Present my troubles before god so that I can live in peace, support my family and provide for the new baby that god has blessed us with! Please help me get employment soon. Not my will but the will of my father be done. Amen

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  1. God bless you and your family

    God bless you and your family. May your mind be at ease knowing that God knows you need a job and that you are open to the blessings that God will bring. Being open to new possibilities may bring unexpected opportunities.

    I am in the process of looking for new work after my wife has had a second baby and is now two months old. God bless you and your family, Paul from Sydney, Australia.

  2. I've been there

    I feel your pain as I have been there before. My husband and I both lost our jobs at the same company when our only child was just 3 weeks old. We then lost our house, our dog died, and we had to move. God blessed us with a new, better job for my husband in a more affordable place to live. We are much happier now, and would never be where we are without first going through all that pain. Keep trying and God will provide 🙂

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