i wish with god

by Eoin Gibbons ()

oh lord , you know i have made many a bad decision, i pray to you and all who have passed before me if i can grant one wish. guide me and help me oh father.

oh lord, i feel weak, helpless and alone, i need your help to make me strong, to help me make the right decisions. oh lord help me with this one wish i have even tho i know i don’t deserve.

oh lord if u can grant me my wish, i promise to you, i will help others, protect others and respect others.

i will change, i will be for ever in your death, oh lord help me as i am weak and afraid oh lord this wish i have you all ready know, forgive me father for i have sinned.

oh lord thank you

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  1. god help amit

    i wont eat for 3 days, may god help amit in getting his job and all the require documents like rent aggreement

  2. Send me back to the past

    Dear Lord,
    Please send me back to the morning of the 31-Mar-2013 and let me start over the life from then until tomorrow morning.

    I had tried to do everything but there were no hopes for me.


  3. miracle

    I wish to god that I get marry soon happily and get success in my career.. Sandeep realize and come back to me forever after knowing truth of neha and leave her forever.. Thank you Lord and I promise I will change myself and won’t hurt any1..

  4. Please

    Please God repair the relationship between my mother and father.
    And please God help me make my career.

  5. I hope

    I pray the thing that’s on my mind is just a dream and I just had to go through it so I could be a better person in the present and future.I love you Lord I pray you heal everyone who is suffering.
    God is good.🙏🏽

  6. faith

    First and foremost thank you for everything you have given me and blessed me with, please do not think I am not grateful and don’t realize the many blessings I have. Please continue to watch over my mother and give her good health. Please take care of my bubba in heaven and make sure he is happy and in no pain, he deserves it he’s an excellent boy. Oh and please make sure he knows we love him and miss him. Please, I need to find a career path, so can you let me good at and enjoy nursing, or lead me to something I will enjoy somewhat quickly, I really think having that in my life would make a world of difference. Also, I would like a few good friends, I haven’t had that since about age 9, and I would really appreciate that. Last but not least, I would like a good boyfriend. I really, really like Chewy. He’s everything I want, but I do understand and respect if you don’t think he is right for me. But I think we would be so perfect for each other. I know he has been hurt and I wouldn’t hurt him and I would be really good to him, and faithful. Please and thank you. amen.

  7. Freedom

    Dear lord, i wish for you to free the uk from the eu so that we can be free to make our own decisions.

  8. Past and boyfriend

    I wish I wish I was born February 23rd 1978 but didn’t have Epilepsy seizures but had either diabetes or Asthma attack but still was a Christian

  9. Dream job


    I only wish for this Christmas is to get this dream job it’s my hearts desire to get it and I know I can succeed on this one use my skills and talent to help others in pursuing this dream

  10. the dreamer

    i wish to find my path, to be the best version of myself, and to love and be loved. So if there is a chance that we cross paths once more, so let it be.

    not sure if i deserve any of this, but if i try to put my foot forward, please help me with the rest.


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