Hope and the Armor of God

by Eric ()

My prayer request is that my biological mother will stop fornicating altogether in Jesus name. My second prayer request is my current fast will be successful, pray that something will come out of it, get something out of it. I pray to get through the off-ness and weirdness of my overall current situation. I get anxiety from it and my mind is space out (spacey) from it. I pray for a new mindset and peace of mind in general also in my overall current situation and where I am today, totally. I pray to overcome all of my current fears, in general. In addition, I pray that I find & see a good therapist who is right for me to help me to get through my horror and trauma that happen through my life including 2020 and I pray to do my part to find one. My third request, this is a part of God’s Will for my life, I need to meet the rapper French Montana, it will lead to something, and he is a part of the connection that I need for some reason. So, I pray that French Montana will come to this photography studio, “Go Studios Penthouse + Rooftop” aka “Go Penthouse Studio” in New York, NY for any reasons including being a client at the studio or just because like with no reason at all, whatever gets him into the studio in Jesus name. I pray that God brings the rapper French Montana to this photography studio soon, very soon in Jesus name. I pray that French Montana will clear his schedule up or drop everything to come to the “Go Studios Penthouse” in Manhattan, NY. During business hours, of course. When French does plan to come or just show up on the day that he comes to the “Go Studios Penthouse” in New York City. I pray that my Uncle Halley will text me or call me in to work for that day, when this rapper literally plans to come or just show up at the studio on the exact day when I come into work at my Uncle’s studio. Furthermore, I pray that I will have full faith, trusting and believing that God will answer my prayers, including this one and I pray to do my part to have full faith in God, overall. My last request, I pray to know how use and put on the full Armor of God in general, including always living righteously and purely. Knowing how to heed and yield to the Holy Spirit as well. And, I pray to do my part always to use the full Armor of God and know how to use them, fully that includes heeded/yielding to the Holy Spirit.

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