Help Restore A positive image on our broken relationship

by Prayers Admin ()

Dear Lord. I plead to ALL the Saints and Angels to implore you to hear my request, please penetrate S’s dreams, heart, sole & being. Please do not allow him to find hated, resentment, ( or even all the worse, indifference for me). After 6 years, please allow Seth to find Hope and a Love when he hears my name, & he thinks of me & of us. Please do not let S give up on us. Against all odds, if it is in your mercy and your blessings, I plead to restore & help heal our broken relationship to one that is healthy & an example in Your name. Keep the devil and all temptations away from both of us during this time. It hurts me to know that he carries hate for me in his heart, and only Your work and guidance can restore us.
I beseech thee, all the Angels, and Patron Saints, the Divine Spirit, as I need you to help me & My Love for Seth.
Please approve of my love & please allow S to reciprocate the same love for me.
In Jesus’ name, I devotedly pray. Amen

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