Help me out

by Evelyn (Bronx, Ny)

Dear god..

I really don’t have words to describe all the things I’ve been feeling but my actions and my tears speak for me.. I need your help please guide me out of this person’s life who had shown me how much I am worth to him. He gave me his back wen I most needed him, he left me feeling lost miserable not knowing how to feel.

All I would do is think of him day and night and there were times that I would feel empty.. I don’t want to depend on him for happiness, he do me dirty he goes around and have sex with other females and than want to come to me acting like nothing. My fault for letting him and allowing him to keep hurting me because I don’t want see him go.. I love this person, I care for him so much but I mean so little to him he barely thinks of me..

I am here today god to please help me, I don’t want to feel this way anymore I am so miserable expecting things to get better between us but that’s impossible he’s a cheater it hurt me to see him go but my happiness means more to me than him.. Bless me my dear god I need you more than ever, I don’t want to feel this empty space in my heart feeling miserable because he ain’t here. Unfortunately he won’t never give me what I want and he gave up on me so easily that I feel so devastated.. Protect me from and make me a stronger person, amen

I love you thank you my dear god