Healing/Deliverance and over pouring of God’s Love and Power on Me. For God’s Kingdom

by patricia ()

For my deliverance and Healing to walk with out a walker that my torn legion be heal in my knee, That I minister the will of God’s, that I always walk in my purpose so that God’s be Glorified, Pray that I am pleasing in his eye sight doing the kingdom of God’s That he fill me with his precious Holy Spirit , And that I continue to have a person relationship with God’s hearing his loving voice directing and Guiding me in his word and truth that other see the light of Glory in my life, and That I walk in his peace, at all times, Praying that other be heal and delivery set free and Save for God’s Glory starting first with my son Keith Vernell Patterson be heal, Delivery and set free and that he be saved, In Jesus Name and do God’s will, That he fine a Wife that for God’s and they work as a team for the Glory of God’s and that God’s keep him Heal and cover with his blood and protecting him from all kinds of Danger seen and unseen, And the same for my Granddaughter Kammille Patterson keep her knowledgeable in her School as well and walking always in the Lord Jesus Christ in Good Health and the spirit of the Lord shield and protective her, That she is a great and Excellent Leader in Christ Jesus and that Every body see the Glory in her life and that she causes others to save to the lord Jesus Christ because of her sweet and professional spirit of Excellence her kindness and Compassion way that draw people to love her in all her ways for showing the spirit of care and help God’s giving her all the desire of her heart and God’s is always smiling down on her love walk that is the Character of our Lord and Savior always showing Love, and walking in the spirit of help and forgiveness treating people with care while she is full filing God’s giving Purpose in her life. lacking from nothing and walk in as ambassador of the Lord, where is richly Bless even Financially Bless for all the Days of her life, Walking Happy and Free in God’s Glory. Amen Amen

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