Habitual addiction/ addicting habit

by Rhonda ()

I’m not sure I jyst hope you can or at thus say and sing this lost sheep back home. Unto my father my. God my savour my Jesus my Christ my Lord my & my Creator …i need to be washed clean pyre as white I. My spirit has been broken and my cries are as rivers ,my heart aches to be right abd goid witg you Got I need you I want you in my life again increased so much time in the world from the world of distractions I’m so sorry I guess I thought you would come for me. And you have and I’m so sorry that I allowed others to distract me into liosing my way I can only hope that you will forgive my son’s abd make me brand new again I’m so sorry God for I have 3 grown children whom I thought woukd pull me out of my hurts cause I feel as if I can’t breathe without you or my children looking upon me as well pleased with me in sorry I gave notbu g to offer that situations and a moment to longer I do t know if I woukd had made it to this page to ask of people I don’t even,, know to help me lied Latin g all my stresses abd bad habits an addictions upon your alter and my spirit God for it us broken and I read in your word that it’s the most righteous. sacrifice. Anyone could bring unto you , fix me god cleanse me from my dirtiness ,and from all the ones got whom I know I can’t afford to be around d them cause they are different but God if there be somethibg or a one is to help me God I ‘ve always been in a church my beautiful mother did do right by us she was my closest friend besides you and Jesus please send the devil out of my life with great charge for this is how they will know god that I’m with you and always have been I wished that I could do,g my song unto the people search,g for the answers to the questions I ask of you in tbus prayer god lift then up. Let me help you that they see a good work I, me and they too want one help me to identify thus in others in ny everyday life. God I pray this in your sons holy name in Jesus Christ I pray to be a prayer. Amen

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