God please help him to commit to me

by Michelle (Huber Heights, Ohio)

God I have never felt truly loved for me as a person by a man in my entire life not even my father. Every man I have had a relationship with I felt they were always in it not for the love they had for me but what I could worldly provide them.

For the first time in my life I feel like I have felt what it feels like to be truly loved for who I am but not for what I can provide however, this man has reservations because of a previously failed marriage of his and his worry over being responsible for my children one of which has special needs.

He used to say I will have to figure it out because I love you but then he left me because he was afraid to commit. He hasn’t completely left as he continues to not let go of me and says he can’t and that he still loves me but yet he is not committing to me. I am so afraid of getting hurt again yet I hold on because I believe he truly loves me for me I ask that God give him the ability to trust me and know that everything will be fine and that love for each other is all that is needed in life.

I don’t want to lose the only person in my half over life that I have ever felt loved me for who I am inside and out. God please give him the ability to commit to me and my kids. I love him so much and I am willing to submit to him as a wife is to submit to her husband. I want to have a Godly loving family with him.

Please pray for he and I to become one and live the way God expects a husband and wife to live. I love him and I don’t want to lose him. I love you all! God bless everyone! Thank you for your prayers! God bless all!

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  1. I'm praying for you.

    I understand what you’re going through. I am in a similar situation. I’m praying for you. Pray that me and my girlfriend get back together as I love her and I know we can overcome our obstacles.

  2. By Gods Grace All Our Chosen Loves Will Commit

    We are all in the same place and I pray for you all, that your lovers/ex lovers, will return with joys and news of happiness, as well as commitment, within your relationship worries/goals. I am so in love with this guy and I just need you all to pray for him, that he commits to me fully before the year is out. I cant stop crying, especially at night times when I am alone as my heart weeps and calls for him. God says he will never put us through things, he knows we aren’t strong enough for and this keeps me going. Please pray he opens up his mind and soul to me and the next time he contacts me, will be to tell me he loves me and wants to commit to me in the way of God and ease this broken pain and heart of mine. In the name of Jesus it shall be so..Thank you all for your prayers now, as well as in advance. Will keep you posted…I have faith this shall be done.

    Thanks you all and God bless you all 🙂

  3. Prayers for you

    I can feel your pain. I’m in a similar position where my man has been so hurt by past relationships he refuses to open the last part of himself to me. It crushes me that these 3 previous women got the best of him and I get this shell of a man. I’m not giving in it up. Watching Rori has giving me a lot of insight into myself to help him

  4. Love

    I’m asking for prayers! I’ve been seeing a guy in the military for four years! When he’s in the states we spend time together and when he’s away he keeps in touch but he won’t commit to me and I’m ready! I love him so much and I want him to know I’m not after what he may have I’m just looking for consistency and real genuine love! Just reciprocate the effort and love I put out! He’s not good with communication! He shuts down !

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