Future Uncertainty

by Donna ()

Please pray for me and my family members for all of our futures. I have been going through some challenges and uncertainty for my future with regards to trying to figure out how I am going to support myself and assist my son in terms of finances in order to help him out as well. I need to be able to support myself and to be able to help him with getting his life on track after I’ve gone through a divorce. Things have been very uncertain for us for the past three years and I’m doing the best I can to find work with a couple of my health issues. Then my mom passed away last year and that was another difficult thing for me to have to deal with, especially when she was my best friend. I ran all her errands and was always there for her and she was a huge source of my encouragement and support for myself and my son as well. She was one of the kindest and friendliest and one of the sweetest ladies you could ever hope to meet. She always had friendly and encouraging words for everyone she met and had a very polite and pleasant personality. That’s who she was. I know I have a lot of her traits as well.
I just need something good in terms of trying to find a good paying job or someway of supporting myself and helping my son out too while he’s struggling as well with figuring out his life and being able to support himself and to look after his own needs as well. Please…pray for us that God would send us some answers for our uncertainty that we are facing now that everything in our lives that we knew has changed in so many ways as well as to provide us both with some good friends to come along side us and to be there for us to offer us both encouragement and friendship in these difficult and uncertain times we are both facing now. Thank you so much!

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