Loss of Son

Lord Jesus, You know how deep this grief is. You know how broken our hearts are with Benj’s death. I want to scream and cry about how unfair it is–that he went through so much, the paralysis and leukemia and all his health issues– and beat so many, just to die so unexpectedly. God, we … Continue reading “Loss of Son”

Father Mark Beard

Lord, I pray for the soul of Father Mark Beard, that he may join you in the Kingdom of Heaven and entertain all the Angels with his homilies, as he as done for us here on Earth. Please accept his soul in your loving arms and welcome him home. In Jesus’ name, Amen


ALAN I have known Him all my life his sister was my best friend since second grade. He has been having some health issues for a while and SHARON went to Visit him this weekend she said they had a great visit.She lives about 3 hours away when she got home she got a phone … Continue reading “Comfort”

Mum This is not the End

I know life is a challenge and we wish you were here today. There’s nothing we could say because we miss you much. Sorry we couldn’t look after you as you’d still be here today because today we will be hurting we miss you more than life itself sorry you had to go well miss … Continue reading “Mum This is not the End”

Husband passed

My husband of 36 years passed 11/2/22 At home under Hospice Care. I have suffered trauma being his wife and caregiver. The cancer spreaded so fast. When he was sent home from the hospital, I was overwhelmed. Little by little I was told how to care for him but Between our insurance and Hospice there … Continue reading “Husband passed”

buffalo shooting victim

dear lord i just ask you to be with the family of buffalo shooting and also the employee that is also returning back to works and also stills healing and i ask you to pray for everyone in the situation and that it shouldnt happens to and did because of a hate crime and rasict … Continue reading “buffalo shooting victim”


Praying for my co-worker sudden loss of her Mom I’m asking the God of comfort to be with her and her family doring their time of loss.

Pray for the eternal soul of Lynnyrd

Please pray for the soul of Lynnyrd who has left us on Christmas day. May our good Lord accept Lynnyrd’s soul in heaven. May she rest in Peace…


Tommy passed today. Prayers for wife Teresa and family. Thank you


Tommy passed today. Prayers for wife Teresa and family. Thank you

Pray for Strength

Please pray for my daughter who lost her boyfriend…also his family. Her grieving is unbearable. She is at a total loss. Pray for strength to get her through this terrible tragedy. Only 31 yrs old.


Dear LORD, As I prepare to say goodbye to my grandson, Father please cover me with Your arms and guide me in how to do this, I never thought that this day would come. To realize that I will no longer be able to see him or hear his voice and laughter,is breaking my heart, … Continue reading “Strength”

Loss of husband

Despite fervent prayers and a firm belief in God’s Will to heal my husband due to the after affects of covid, being on a ventilator, blood clot in a lung and a chest tube in the other lung, he left me and our adult daughter on Friday December 17, 2021. How does a wife and … Continue reading “Loss of husband”

Prayer for David

I pray to our Lord that my Beloved David is with Him and the Angels in Heaven – he left us three months ago tomorrow. With Love from his Annie forever.

Family struggles

Please pray for My Family as we struggle through relationships after a loss of our brother.thank you so much.

For strength

Giving honor to God, whom I choose to guide my life. I’m asking for prayer for strength and learning how to trust God in all aspects of my life. I love someone really close to me Sept. 9, 2020 and I felt like he was all I had in this world. I’m still going through … Continue reading “For strength”

Need to hear from God

Just lost my grandson to a hanging. His girlfriend saids he hung himself. The police say it looks like foul play. The corner saids, it may have been foul play, not sure. He left 2 small children and a adopted child. They are with his girlfriend who has mental issues, and had been in drugs, … Continue reading “Need to hear from God”

Mourning for my son

Is it wrong for me to want to hear from my deceased son somehow . Just need to know he’s happy. He accepted the lord our savior on his deathbed

Death and Funeral

Lord Jesus, I pray the celebration of life you turn this depression to a holiday celebrating life of dead people. let them change coming out of their old body in to the spirit of heaven walking all over the Earth And before they die they will not feel not a thing LORD? let those Angels … Continue reading “Death and Funeral”

Prayer for a friend

Sister’s and brother’s can you stand in agreement with me for a friend she just lost her 14 year old son Tragically a few days ago actually two boys die that day can you please stand in agreement that both mothers and families would have ministering Angels sent forth through out the service and beyond … Continue reading “Prayer for a friend”


I lost my best friend here on earth my husband in January to COVID-19. We have been friends for years we would have celebrated our 16th Anniversary exactly 1 month later to me I am still very married. I just can’t seem to forgive my self you see I was the one that would go … Continue reading “Lost”

Grieving children

My children will attend the funeral of their father today. My daughter Isabella is 19 and my son Kieran is 22. Their father died of a heart attack at age 48. I am the exwife. I do not really know my place at this funeral but I do know that my children are hurting and … Continue reading “Grieving children”


Today we buried the body of my mother Nellie. Me and my siblings are suffering immensely with her sudden death. We are blaming ourselves even though doctors say we could not have stopped her death. Pray for us. Pray that the Lord lets us know my mom who knew JESUS well is with him now … Continue reading “Grief”

Request for comfort

My dear friend has six children, ages ranging from 20 through 35. Two days ago, her youngest daughter (Amy) collapsed and died on the floor. The family has no idea why and are having to wait for the autopsy. She leaves behind her husband, their young child, her four sisters and their families, both sets … Continue reading “Request for comfort”

Grief Stricken

We lost our Mother on 6/27/21, our maternal Aunt on 04/19/21, our 2nd oldest brother on 12/27/20. 3 deaths within 6 months. We are grief stricken and having difficulty getting through this. Just asking for prayer that God will continue to guide and help us get well over our grief. Our mother leaves 3 grown … Continue reading “Grief Stricken”

Please help me

My prayer title should be guilt. My mom passed away in mother’s day last Sunday. One thing I never thought I would feel is guilt. But I do and it’s strong. From being her medical poa and 1 point she got sent to the hospital and 4 days later was sent to a nursing home. … Continue reading “Please help me”

Loss of son

My heavenly father, I raise you up in praise I thank you for all the mercy and grace you lovingly have bestowed upon me. I come to you Father to ask first strength and guidance as I bury my adult son Jason Lord draw not to me and my family as we grieve our loss. … Continue reading “Loss of son”

Comfort in deep grief

My family but especially my sister Kelley needs prayers for comfort, peace, strength, emotional support and healing as he eldest son just tragically and unexpectedly passed. He was still young and had just gotten news that day of hope of a better life in all aspects which he was so excited about as he had … Continue reading “Comfort in deep grief”

Mother healing

My mother santhamma, 74 yrs old. She is under treatment of stroke, depression, Parkinson, diabetic and hypertension. Her left hand have some fracture. Her brother died today but we didn’t inform mother, after 7 hour we will inform her.. Pls pray for my mother for peace.. Because she is sick, we don’t want to give … Continue reading “Mother healing”

Funeral Prayers

Below is a collection of Funeral prayers that can be said before, during, or after a funeral ceremony or wake. It’s important to remember and cherish those who have passes with sacred blessings. A funeral prayer should be comforting. Death is an uncomfortable time, but their is comfort in knowing that the deceased is now … Continue reading “Funeral Prayers”