by David ()

please pray for paul blankship with too much hot temper on me today and yesterday we had good time smile and laugh while we play bingo and today hot temper with jealous on m and office manger got mad back and stay home i did stay my apt . now i remember i came his apt and to check and help what he doing . he did not read before cook meat . son got mad tooo and landlord got upset and force me to stay home and do not knock people apt i did not do it . i know people can hear knock door by hit from blind cane bang the door . she hope i can move out , then she will be happiest again .i can feel this see this hearing person always used me and laugh at me. it is not nice i wish landlord stop it and much like bully with me and unfreindly with me why ? she refuse listen and she always said wait and min and listen then i got shut up from her . she hope she can win and i will be loser . i live senior apt with deaf people but hud hire hearing people live in now . No one like her ways or rules and she take over almost everything and much like i am sit like much cabin fever . i need talk with people . She dont understand .. it is much need help prayer to stop and let deaf people get more happy and can have something to do not sit and bored nuts . please extra prayer and manager and night manger in one need stop right this moment and find truth . Amen in trillion Amen plus Regina Slatter to force to go her own apt not stay with paul . he dont want her but he is coward to tell her stay her apt and do not come back no more . he made sweet her to stay . she is very lazy woman and dont know how to cook food ,. thank you

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