Forgive me God

Dear God i know i haven’t been clean to you i have always been dirty .today i come before you praying for your forgiveness .i honour your name for you have there for me in times of my struggless and dirtness and i know you have been calling me for a while .i repent my … Continue reading “Forgive me God”

Proverbs 31 woman

I pray for forgiveness for everything a person have to say about me may god relieved there soul as I stand in the fire 🔥 to understand God spiritual upgrade I pray with the Devine that I must replace my soul n spirit with no negative emotions with acceptance kindness joy generosity gratitude forgiveness cheerfulness … Continue reading “Proverbs 31 woman”

Spiritual revival

Please pray that I will draw closer to God and that He will draw closer to me. My choices in the last number of years has been dishonouring to God. My lifestyle has been one of living in sin and not attending church and enjoying the fellowship of other believers. The Lord has given me … Continue reading “Spiritual revival”


Lord I worry constantly and now I surrender all my and my children’s physical emotional financial employment legal housing and car needs met. It’s been years as I look back I was unhappy unloved and so was he now 4 years later I still dwell. Mend and heal my broken heart and spirit please erase … Continue reading “Forgive”

Lord please help me forgive forget let go erase from my heart mind soul and dreams my painful me

Lord please help me forgive forget let go erase from my heart mind soul and dreams my painful me.pries and replace with new joyous thoughts. My dreams haunt me I lose sleep I feel unloved and so lonely. You have me im crying out to you. Heal kim please help her pass that kidney stone. … Continue reading “Lord please help me forgive forget let go erase from my heart mind soul and dreams my painful me”


Lord I am truly blessed. I’m a sinner but you forgive me. I need you even through the hurt and pain from a 30 year marriage of all lies abuse control and he committed adultery never admitting it to me denying it when I had those pictures I longed to be loved treated with respect. … Continue reading “Gratitude”

I need to have more faith in Christ,

I need to have more faith in Christ, I need to be able to lay down my life at his feet. Take up my cross and follow him, and forgiveness of the many sins I have committed in my life.


Dear Heavenly Father please forgive us forgive us for our sins. I have many. Show us the right way. Keep Bobby, Nona, Ashton, Lindsay and Kingston healthy, safe, happy and wealthy. Thank you for all your help. Thank you for everything. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

Prayer for Special Intention

Prayer for my Sins. Heavenly Father, Thank you for answering my prayers and performing miracles in our lives everyday. Lord Jesus Christ, I came before you to pray for me and for the forgiveness of all my sins, negligence and transgressions on my past and old life. Please consider forgiving my wrong doings, never punish … Continue reading “Prayer for Special Intention”

Please dear Lord forgive me of lies that I have told.

Please dear Lord forgive me of lies that I have told. I only wanted to feel important. Please protect Bobby, Nona, Ashton, Lindsay and Kingston. Keep us all safe and healthy. In Jesus name I pray. Thank you for everything. Amen




Lately I have had many many people let me down sin against me and also false witness against me I have a hard time with forgiveness I also am married and have a hard time of letting go some past discretions from our marriage I need help in all departments of forgiveness if you could … Continue reading “Forgiveness”

Prayer Against Marijuana – False Religions & Government Persecution against Christians

My name is Curtis. I’m asking the Father Yahweh thru His Son Yahshua to forgive me for any statements or representations I have made this year where I have attached His Holy name to any false beliefs, false doctrines, including having him advocate people use Marijuana. I was deceived by an individual I trusted named … Continue reading “Prayer Against Marijuana – False Religions & Government Persecution against Christians”

Unclog my mind

Help me focus more on your gratefulness Mercy Devine love that you have given me .. to get closer to you Lord ! I pray for peace . I ask you Lord to help me deal with depression, to deal with baffling mind . I ask Lord to help me take all this malice and … Continue reading “Unclog my mind”

help me holy father

I plead the Holy Blood of Jesus on Rick Barnick& Cathy Maestas& holy covenant marriage-plz hedges thorns,walls fire round us 100%-chase enemies in 7 ways-cover w/shame & confusion-fight those that fight our marriage-Give us more praise songs of psalms+others,bless our bible study–Bless our work plz,ox strength,isaiah53 health,multiply our blessings-bless fowls-pets,plants/trees,give us wisdom,discernment,joel2 dreams/visions,heaven class/visits,thru Holy … Continue reading “help me holy father”

Hopeless helpless

Dad died a few months ago. I had to leave the country I live in to come to my 93 year old mother, who has signs of dementia. I see no way forward. I have been here for five month, struggling to deal with a chaotic situation. Nothing has gone well. I am alone, without … Continue reading “Hopeless helpless”


Heavenly father i come to you as a sinner asking you for your help and your forgiveness as your son. To watch over me kids and my whole family and friends to cover me with your whole armor to strengthen my faith and remove all my dirty ways cleanse me from all secret faults and … Continue reading “Guidance”

Love and Forgoveness

Lord I come before you with a broken and a contrite heart. I know I have wronged you in many things like Lying,Stealing and disobedience but I have realised my mistake and come to you to forgive me. In Sin did my mother conceive me. You said we should forgive those who trespass against us … Continue reading “Love and Forgoveness”

A prayer for help

Lord, I did not mean to do anything wrong. Please protect and forgive me. I love you Lord and want you to bless my soul. Please give your people peace of mind and let them also be protected and blessed. Give us peace within our communities and love in our hearts. Help us to be … Continue reading “A prayer for help”

Guidance and Forgiveness

Lord I pray for your forgiveness for I am a sinner and I have sinned a lot. I pray for your guidance for my family, give them blessings and guidance for everything they do, shower them with blessings that we can share to other people. Guide me going in and going out in my work, … Continue reading “Guidance and Forgiveness”

A prayer for the sick

Dear Lord, I am under pressure. I feel uneasy about something that is worrying me. I want to give this worry unto you and trust that you will take care of this matter for me. I love you Lord and there is nothing more than I want to do, but please you. I want peace … Continue reading “A prayer for the sick”


I don’t know what to say about this matter all I know i haven’t slept well,I tried not to say a word to my daughter for being disobedient rebellious and disrespectful to me,I raised her as a single parent daddy was never in her life as if not and not in the 2 grands life … Continue reading “Help”

A simple prayer

Lord, how I love You! I want You to forgive me of all my wrongs and make me an instrument of Your peace. The days have gone by and still I wonder when all the darkness will pass. My only hope is to trust in You! I beg for Your mercy and wait unto You … Continue reading “A simple prayer”

Dear God

I praise your Holy Name. For you alone are Worthy. I confess my sins of smoking marijuana and keeping the desire within my heart. I know its wrong but I feel closer to my dad when we smoke together and I don’t know another way to reach him. It scares him when I am sober. … Continue reading “Dear God”