Lost Child

“Lord Jesus Christ, I believe you are the true Son of God and that you died on the cross to rescue me from my sins, death and to restore me to heaven to be with the Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit. I choose now to turn from my sins, my selfish ways, and every … Continue reading “Lost Child”

Seeking forgiveness

Forgiveness for myself. My 30 year old son who was an addict, fought for 10 years. I was the praying parent, always seeking Gods healing of my son. He went to treatment twice. He died in a truck accident, not from drugs. He was an awesome soul, always HELPING others in lots of ways. He … Continue reading “Seeking forgiveness”

Forgiveness of sin

Please pray for me I have been taking pain pills because I am in pain. I found a person whom I got them from. I was thinking if it came to me it was for me. But now I am having a change of heart I don’t want to be in pain but I must … Continue reading “Forgiveness of sin”


Dear God, I pray that you may forgive me for taking my relationship for granted. Not only was I unfaithful but I was mean and unkind. You gave me the gift of love and I abused it. You blessed me with a man who helped me in every way possible. I knew he was a … Continue reading “Hope”

Prayer Of Forgiveness

A Helpful Confession Prayer to Model If confession prayer is new to you, you might want to pray something like this: Lord, you are merciful and loving. You are holy and just. You sent your one and only Son, Jesus Christ, to be crucified on the cross for my mistakes along time ago. God, I … Continue reading “Prayer Of Forgiveness”

broken relationship

Dear God Father i come to you every day and night in prayer supplication for everyone else’s needs above mine I come to you once again asking you to restore in Jesus’s Name my relationship with the woman Laura Delahoya you put in my life 1 year ago Laura was a prayer answered God we … Continue reading “broken relationship”


I have let myself get off on a broken path in life. I need guidance to get myself back on that right path to our Lord. I want God back in my life serving him everyday. I hope its not to late for me. God is great!!!! I want him to know i am blessed … Continue reading “Guidance”


Dear God, in Jesus name I lift my sons to you. Lord I pray forgiveness in each heart toward all that have hurt them. I ask you Lord to bring the oldest out of darkness and deliver him. Fix his heart Lord to be at peace with this move. For the other, bring him and … Continue reading “Breakthrough”


I am standing in the need of prayers for many people including myself(all of my loved ones, all of my friends & extended families & friends, church families & loved ones, and countless others including myself). We need prayers for those are in need of Salvation in Jesus Christ, for totally forgiving others as well … Continue reading “SALVATION & COMMITMENT”

Forgive others

Hello, I buried disappontimend, and anger of my child hood memories down in my soul, and said it will never come out, but creeped out, without me knowing, people will often say I speak in anger, but in my way feeling OK. I recently realised that my voice shake a lot when I’m in front … Continue reading “Forgive others”

ashamed me jolanda

i feel so bad last night we went too my friend house i didn’t feel well so i throw up in their home on the floor i didn’t say anything or even clean it i feel sick to my stomach for doing nothing about it please let they leon debbie susan and aunty belinda will … Continue reading “ashamed me jolanda”

Forgiveness and faith

My son died on the 20th November at the age of 34 leaving his pregnant wife and 4 sons We could not say Goodbuy I was furious with God as i have kept on praying for his safety and for my other children and then God took him I still struggle to come to terms … Continue reading “Forgiveness and faith”


I am trying to forgive and let go of the list of wrong doings against me by my boyfriend, the last year I have helped and cared for him while he was dealing with health issues and during all of it he continued a relationship with another woman giving her a ring and making her … Continue reading “Forgive”


Dear Mary, Mother of all, I am not writing a repetive prayer today, but I ask you to clean my heart and head out, and help me to forgive all the bad things that have been said and done against me, help me in this dillema to just mind my own business, please help me … Continue reading “Miracles”


You have done so much for me St Jude but i feel that i never thanked you enough. Please forgive me for not thanking you before I am very grateful to you and will always be, if i do not show it then please forgive me for my arrogance. You and the lord has got … Continue reading “Miracles”

Forgive Us

Cover my family during our daily encounters with the outside world as we travel to and from our interactions & destinations. Guide our minds and actions, especially our children, so they may be able to outwit their enemies. Continue to show them open doors to clear the fog which cloud their judgements. Cover our neighbors, … Continue reading “Forgive Us”

Messed up

I was frustrated at work on an issue with my hours and got upset with a lady I work with because her hours were not changing but she had to give her advice to my supervisor on her thoughts about it and now my supervisor is mad at me because I told the lady I … Continue reading “Messed up”


Father God, I come in your name, for you say there where three or more are gathered in your name, there you are too. I ask for forgiveness, for going against that which was harmful to me, you know I married more than once, only to have the same treatment from all of them, and … Continue reading “Forgiveness”

Parodies a blessing

O Lord I am begging you for the wrong I have done please o Lord forgive me an Lord I ask you too please send me a financial blessing so I can get up out this hole I am in an the depression an family..Lord you have been good to me through it all you … Continue reading “Parodies a blessing”

Show Me

Dear Lord. Please show me how to forgive Janly. The daily lies over 2 yrs. The dating sites. The rendezvous with other men. Please teach me how to forgive. Show me how to forgive the lies,unfaithfulness, betrayal and disloyalty. Show me the way father. Show me how my Lord to forgive the disrespect,public humiliation and … Continue reading “Show Me”


I did something, and I Ask God too forgive for being impatient and inconsiderate, My father is deceased, and I Loved My Dad, and still do and I tried too get a credit card in his name and I Am so sorry, And I ask to forgive Me because that’s not who I Am! and … Continue reading “Forgiveness”

A betrayal

Dear Father, My heart continues to feel the pain of his betrayal. He was the love of my life. You say that we must forgive others if we expect you to forgive us. It is so hard. Please mend my broken heart, give me the ability to forgive him, heal my broken body and, if … Continue reading “A betrayal”

Time heals

My prayer is that those who have been forgiven know they have been forgiven and in turn will forgive.


I accepted jesus years ago I had a good relationship with him in the beginning. But recently I was feeling alone and distant from Gods presence. I began to worship him but I heard a loud voice say God is not mocked. I got scared started having panic attacks and night terrors. During an episode … Continue reading “Help”

broken marriage

Please pray for my marriage I love my husband but he wants a divorce, over past hurts, Please pray that God strengthens me through this process. Pleas pray for my husband Gary that he gets closer to God

Give it to God

Dear Lord please to help me turn my worries over yo you & not take them back. Oh lord then I feel guilty as I am not putting my trust in you. I hate feeling this way. It’s not me I worry about….my children, grandchildren& now great grandchildren…..Please forgive me for doubting your power. In … Continue reading “Give it to God”


Dear father we are suffering from debts and basic needs pls pray for us


Father God i come to u with a sincere heart asking for forgiveness of my sins. Lord help me to forgive my son i know i didnt do anything but try to help him and his baby. im over it and i would love to have some peace in my life father. In Jesus name … Continue reading “hope”


Dear father am suffering very badly from debts and basic needs pls pray for my family in jesus name amen


First for my son that a Christian girlfriend would be brought into his life❤️ Second that my daughter would start believing again


Heavenly Father, I ask you to search my heart and to help me to forgive others as you have forgiven me time and time again. In Jesus’s name, Amen


I’d like to be able to see the wolves in sheep’s clothing clearly and able to share God’s love with them instead of being angry or feeling apathy when it comes to them I forgive everyone I would just like to see people for who they really are to teach God’s word because I have … Continue reading “Love”

Healing and Provision

Lord I know your the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. You never change and You are in control. Lord sorry, I am sorry. forgive me. I repent, I failed you many times. I forget my first love and that is You. Have mercy on me. I am sorry Lord. My Abba father. I need your … Continue reading “Healing and Provision”


Dear Lord I’ve made a lot of mistake throughout my life iam trying to turn my life around but it just seem like through those mistakes it’s alot hate toward me.. And yet l hold no hate in my heart because of it . Lord l want to be forgiven by you and all that … Continue reading “Forgiveness”

Prayers for my family

Please pray for my family to forgive one another and love each other as Jesus loves us.

Forgiveness of all my sin l committed

Heavenly father, l am praying for you this morning to forgive all my sin l committed and also bless my parents and also give us long life and also give us money in the name of Jesus I pray amen