Lately I have had many many people let me down sin against me and also false witness against me I have a hard time with forgiveness I also am married and have a hard time of letting go some past discretions from our marriage I need help in all departments of forgiveness if you could … Continue reading “Forgiveness”

Prayer Against Marijuana – False Religions & Government Persecution against Christians

My name is Curtis. I’m asking the Father Yahweh thru His Son Yahshua to forgive me for any statements or representations I have made this year where I have attached His Holy name to any false beliefs, false doctrines, including having him advocate people use Marijuana. I was deceived by an individual I trusted named … Continue reading “Prayer Against Marijuana – False Religions & Government Persecution against Christians”

Unclog my mind

Help me focus more on your gratefulness Mercy Devine love that you have given me .. to get closer to you Lord ! I pray for peace . I ask you Lord to help me deal with depression, to deal with baffling mind . I ask Lord to help me take all this malice and … Continue reading “Unclog my mind”

help me holy father

I plead the Holy Blood of Jesus on Rick Barnick& Cathy Maestas& holy covenant marriage-plz hedges thorns,walls fire round us 100%-chase enemies in 7 ways-cover w/shame & confusion-fight those that fight our marriage-Give us more praise songs of psalms+others,bless our bible study–Bless our work plz,ox strength,isaiah53 health,multiply our blessings-bless fowls-pets,plants/trees,give us wisdom,discernment,joel2 dreams/visions,heaven class/visits,thru Holy … Continue reading “help me holy father”

Hopeless helpless

Dad died a few months ago. I had to leave the country I live in to come to my 93 year old mother, who has signs of dementia. I see no way forward. I have been here for five month, struggling to deal with a chaotic situation. Nothing has gone well. I am alone, without … Continue reading “Hopeless helpless”


Heavenly father i come to you as a sinner asking you for your help and your forgiveness as your son. To watch over me kids and my whole family and friends to cover me with your whole armor to strengthen my faith and remove all my dirty ways cleanse me from all secret faults and … Continue reading “Guidance”

Love and Forgoveness

Lord I come before you with a broken and a contrite heart. I know I have wronged you in many things like Lying,Stealing and disobedience but I have realised my mistake and come to you to forgive me. In Sin did my mother conceive me. You said we should forgive those who trespass against us … Continue reading “Love and Forgoveness”

A prayer for help

Lord, I did not mean to do anything wrong. Please protect and forgive me. I love you Lord and want you to bless my soul. Please give your people peace of mind and let them also be protected and blessed. Give us peace within our communities and love in our hearts. Help us to be … Continue reading “A prayer for help”

Guidance and Forgiveness

Lord I pray for your forgiveness for I am a sinner and I have sinned a lot. I pray for your guidance for my family, give them blessings and guidance for everything they do, shower them with blessings that we can share to other people. Guide me going in and going out in my work, … Continue reading “Guidance and Forgiveness”

A prayer for the sick

Dear Lord, I am under pressure. I feel uneasy about something that is worrying me. I want to give this worry unto you and trust that you will take care of this matter for me. I love you Lord and there is nothing more than I want to do, but please you. I want peace … Continue reading “A prayer for the sick”


I don’t know what to say about this matter all I know i haven’t slept well,I tried not to say a word to my daughter for being disobedient rebellious and disrespectful to me,I raised her as a single parent daddy was never in her life as if not and not in the 2 grands life … Continue reading “Help”

A simple prayer

Lord, how I love You! I want You to forgive me of all my wrongs and make me an instrument of Your peace. The days have gone by and still I wonder when all the darkness will pass. My only hope is to trust in You! I beg for Your mercy and wait unto You … Continue reading “A simple prayer”

Dear God

I praise your Holy Name. For you alone are Worthy. I confess my sins of smoking marijuana and keeping the desire within my heart. I know its wrong but I feel closer to my dad when we smoke together and I don’t know another way to reach him. It scares him when I am sober. … Continue reading “Dear God”

Forgive me father

I pray that Mpumi will not tell Eleni that I told her about her and Justice Because that will create tension between me and Eleni in a flat we share together, it was a huge mistake I did out of anger by telling the management the truth about Justice and Elaine who are in love … Continue reading “Forgive me father”


It’s so many to pick from that fits me I thank you for having this I’ve been following crosswalk for a while I recently lost my first born daughter suddenly unexpectedly and I’m raising her only child her daughter that’s 12 and I’m 58 things have changed I have had to move and she has … Continue reading “Greif”

The Salvation Prayer

Please Jesus Christ help me to come to terms with my sins.only you can handle this.for I can’t find the answer to this.please help me to deal with this because I can’t find the answer.i thank you for your forgiveness please find the answer for me.i know that you have a way of helping me … Continue reading “The Salvation Prayer”

In The Name of Jesus

Gracious Heavenly Father, I thank you for this day, another day to observe your miraculous creations. I come to you asking for family forgiveness. We have always been a close family celebrating family reunions and communicating regularly. We lost that bond a year ago due to miscommunication and it has caused a split, some anger … Continue reading “In The Name of Jesus”


I hope He forgives me for taking my life. I know He’s in me and it’s a sin against my body like all the other ones. I want to rise above but this cycle of mental illness just means in another 3-5 years I’ll be in this place again. I’ve spent more of my 56 … Continue reading “Undercomer”

Spirit of revival j

O God, you are the God that sees the heart of a man , you have seen how much I need you in my life, and you know without you I am nothing, will you o God allow me to keep going into the world of sin? No, no, I everyday I cried and covered … Continue reading “Spirit of revival j”


Thank you Jesus for your love your forgiveness and above all everlasting life and thank you for giving me forgiveness with understanding and knowledge of what I’m dealing with everyday help our leaders to understand what our country needs and share the love of Jesus with others who don’t understand and know you please forgive … Continue reading “Forgiveness”


Lord my marriage is struggling. It’s on its wits end. And it’s barely hanging on. I haven’t been the best wife; I have cheated, I have lied. I have came clean, and I have gotten forgiveness. And now it’s spiraling all over again. I am not cheating but I made one bad decision to speak … Continue reading “Marriage”

Lord I need YOUR Help

Heavenly Father Sovereign God of Heaven and Earth. I come to You broken and in despair, without hope and feeling of worthlessness. I seek Your forgiveness Father for my sins even though I have confessed and repented of my sins to you they remain in my memory like vultures purchased above my head. Waiting until … Continue reading “Lord I need YOUR Help”

Salvation + Strength

My step-grandmother Mary recently got brain tumors (because her breast cancer spread). She is not doing so well but I managed to share the gospel with her and she seemed receptive but then got in a mental loop (because of the cancer). Mary doesn’t want to discuss religion anymore (or at least that’s what my … Continue reading “Salvation + Strength”

healing an deliverance

thank you god an jesus for all blessings bestowed on my family- self an daughters trisha with tom an pamela with mike and all my grandchildren an both my sons phillip an peter an my sisters deb an hubby david an lori an my bro donavon jr an son bubba an all my nieces an … Continue reading “healing an deliverance”

Broken perverse decrepit man needs prayers for conversion and deliverance

Please pray for Christopher David Ian Stacey of Hove, UK who is an alcoholic, reoccurring thief and disrespecting towards women, and his unhealthy perverse appetites and unchristian resentful immature grudge filled behaviour. I pray Yeshua Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit move powerfully through him and change him overnight, in mind, body, spirit and soul. … Continue reading “Broken perverse decrepit man needs prayers for conversion and deliverance”

Come see about me

Dear father, God, I come before you right now standing in the need of prayer. I thank you Jesus for waking me up this morning started me on my way. U didn’t have to do it Lord, but you did and I’m grateful. I thank and praise you Lord for giving me the opportunity to … Continue reading “Come see about me”

Prayer for the Soul, Sins, Negligence and Transgressions of my beloved brother Eduardo

My Prayer for the Soul/Sins of our beloved Brother Eduardo Lord Jesus, You alone are holy and compassionate; forgive our brother Eduardo to all his sins, negligence and transgressions in his previous life. By dying You opened the gates of life for those who believe in You; do not let Your brother Eduardo be parted … Continue reading “Prayer for the Soul, Sins, Negligence and Transgressions of my beloved brother Eduardo”

Let go

Please help me get over the ex forgive forget let go erase from my heart mind and soul. I didn’t get closure I dream of him and his new girl making me more upset my heart and spirit is broken he never admitted I find out he refused to admit making the blame on me. … Continue reading “Let go”