Forgive me Father!

by Pia (Virginia)

I have struggled financially my entire adult life. I have struggled to keep a job, and to function in this world as a single mother. I am learning to except it as God’s will for me. I am learning to give thanks to God for my trials and crosses as well as my peace and joy. I am discerning that I am suppose to be a nun. I had to look back on my life and struggles to see what was going on. I have never been able to have a stable relationship with my past relationships with men I dated, or my x husband.

Or the men that truly like me are ones I am not attracted too. I wanted to be in a relationship with a man who wanted to help each other grow closer to God. Instead I found myself moving closer away, and the person I was with not being able to understand. I have always felt premartial sex is a major sin. But most of the world around me doesn’t seem to be affected by the same thoughts it is wrong. I don’t have any material items of worth, nor do I put them on a pedastal.

So, as of right now, I am celibate, poor (materially and financially) and have worked hard to put God first in my life. I looked to where I felt at peace an joyful. It has been with Mass, learning my faith, learning about the Saints, and helping other people spiritually. The only thing that is holding me back in my past financial debt. Please pray that God will some how help me to quickly rid me of this debt.

I take full responsibility for my situation, and pray that God can forgive me for creating that debt in the first place. The burden I have put on others in the past because of my poor decisions and selfishness. Please pray that God may deliver me from the cloud of debit that his currently held over me.

I know that I can not completely proceed with God’s will for me until I have paid off this debt and I can completely die to this world. PPL, Peace, Prayer & Love to all!

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