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My name is Katelynn and earlier i talked to an friend that has a hard time with hoping in the Lord for he has been through alot. People would call him names and he thinks that people think that he is a low class, peasent. But i told him things about God ,good,really good thing about God, but he keeps listening to the evil thoughts in his head. I’m praying for him and others that have a hard time hoping and trusting in the Lord. He lost some hope in the Lord and that isn’t good, i tried to help and i did help him but he got back into the wrong path again, he lets his feelings get the best of him, he did say that he was the biggest christian in his church he used to be able to recite line by line from the bible, but after everything that he has “experienced in this stupid life, made me forget how to be a christian.” it makes me understand somewhat he has been through. Life even as a Christian can be hard but i told him that Christians living for the Lord is going to be hard ,there will be obstacle but we all have three choice to choose from which is 1. let it define you ,2. let it destory you ,OR 3. Let It Strengthen you! and he doesn’t choose the third one, but i have told him about this website and told him if he wants he can read what ya’ll type for others to read and see. I am hoping that he won’t give up on The Lord our heavenly father. he did say thanks for telling him about this website, and the website where you read. But he says try a lot , but you ethier do or don’t do something, His name is Alex. I think that sometimes i am just being used to be like a support person that when he has a problem that he doesn’t go to God but to me and i did leave him be for quite some time but he texted me and me being nice texted him back. Please pray for him ,and for those who are having trouble with understanding and those who have done foolishness that they might go way from their wrongdoings and go to the Lord and repent, to be a new creation,and those who do evil things that don’t even realize that their doing wrong.

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